The Dreamhack Open which was set to start today has been postponed due to the discovery of a rather serious glitch that allows players to duplicate items.

The DreamHack Online Open featuring Fortnite has been delayed due to a duplication glitch. DreamHack canceled the tournament, originally scheduled for April 16-18, on Friday afternoon. DreamHack announced that they plan to reschedule the event at some point in May.

Duplication Bug Plaguing Fortnite

The driving force behind the cancellation is a glitch in Fortnite. Players found a way to consistently duplicate throwable items. Reminiscent of the Pokemon item duplication glitch, players can indefinitely duplicate items. This is done by picking up an item and simultaneously throwing the item.

This morning, players shared the glitch on Twitter. First, EMXXRR shared this game-breaking issue. Unfortunately, other players began to attack EMXXRR and Boop, who also shared the bug, for shedding light on the exploit. Immediately, the community knew the issue could cancel or delay DreamHack Online Open which was scheduled to start in a few hours.

Both EMXXRR and Boop wanted to share the duplication bug so the issue could be fixed. Instead, players blamed them for "ruining a tournament" which is obviously not the case. The player and coach protected the integrity of a potentially compromised tournament. Previously, duplication glitches popped up. Typically, Epic enacts strong actions against players that use exploits.

What's Next for DreamHack?

Currently, Epic Games and DreamHack plan to host multiple tournaments over the next week, with FNCS beginning on April 22nd. The DreamHack Cash Cup Extra is scheduled for April 21st in both Europe and North America East. If all goes according to plan, the tournaments will run as scheduled. On the other hand, any prolonged issues will cause a massive shakeup in the Season 6 Fortnite schedule. Hopefully, Epic Games fixes the issue quickly. Though quick fixes tend to have unintended consequences.

In the cancellation announcement, DreamHack stated that the DreamHack Online Open "will be rescheduled for a later date in May." Therefore, unless they put the event on a weekday, the only available weekend in May is the 13th to the 16th.