Is the popular sitcom character, Young Sheldon, in Fortnite?

Recently, a few memes have surfaced claiming the popular Young Sheldon character has officially joined Fortnite. While some were excited about the announcement, many were just confused or simply thought the collaboration was humorous.

So is Young Sheldon actually joining Fortnite? Or is everything we know a lie?

Will Young Sheldon be joining Fortnite?

No, the popular TV character Young Sheldon will not be joining Fortnite, nor has Epic Games made any hint of his appearance in the game. The news that he would be joining simply arose as a joke, and many people fell for it.

But would a character like Young Sheldon ever join the game? While we cannot say for certain, it doesn't necessarily seem likely.

Still, though, Fortnite is notorious for doing collaborations with a lot of random franchises, making some still have hope that Young Sheldon could potentially come to the game.

From Marvel to random movies such as Dune and TV shows like The Walking Dead and more, it wouldn't be unheard of for the game to add a skin like Young Sheldon. Still, a sitcom is not something Fortnite has collaborated with before, making the chances of them collaborating with Young Sheldon pretty low.

Who is Young Sheldon?

If you were a fan of the popular Big Bang Theory sitcom, then you'd have heard of the famous character, Sheldon. Young Sheldon, though, is a spin-off series that takes the incredibly smart and famous character and shows you a look at his younger years.

The show first aired in 2017 and currently has six seasons, meaning it has had a decently successful run. Still, the character's appearance in Fortnite seems unlikely.

So, with many different new collaborations coming to Fortnite, and many iconic characters from different franchises getting skins, who would you truly love to see join the Battle Royale?

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