Is Team 33 done? Fortnite org goes silent, releases roster cover image

Is Team 33 done? Fortnite org goes silent, releases roster

A once reputable Fortnite organization — Team 33 has seemingly vanished from the internet and dropped multiple players. So, what happened?

Unsuccessful pop-up esports organizations are a story as old as time, particularly in Fortnite. Over the years, the monumental Battle Royale title has seen top players and brands come and go regularly. However, the North American esports organization known as Team 33 showed more promise than most.

Team 33 arrived on the Fortnite scene in 2021 and ultimately welcomed more than 40 players over the next year. Unfortunately, Team 33 has been silent on social media since early September. Furthermore, many of the team’s top players have quietly declared free agency without an official statement from Team 33. 

Team 33: humble yet promising beginnings

The organization's early tweet history revolved around a viral tweet and story, regarding the signing of an 8-year-old Fortnite player named Joseph Deen. Based on a tweet from Jake Lucky, the organization signed this player and included a $33,000 bonus. Subsequently declared "Soon everyone will know who Team33 is! Stay Tuned!"

We could not find any information as to what happened to Joseph Deen after this story broke worldwide. From February to April, the organization hosted several Fortnite tournaments with cash prizes before breaking into the competitive scene.

On April 8, 2021, Team 33 became an official esports organization focused on Fortnite Battle Royale. The team signed NA West player Weston, who stayed on board until September 10. Team 33 signed 37 players, including well-known names such as Fatch, Snacky, PaMstou, and favs. It seemed the organization found its footing, but those familiar with the competitive Fortnite scene should know how this situation usually unfolds.

From the outset, many figures within the competitive Fortnite scene believed Team 33 would follow a familiar trend. Over the years, organizations such as Tru North Gaming, TheCartel Esports, Team FearNova, and many more arrived in Fortnite if only for a few months to a year. 

Then, once the organization runs out of money and can’t sustain itself or compensate players, they close down. Occasionally, the exit is publicized on Twitter to make people aware. However, in the case of Team 33, this has not been the case as of yet. 

What happened to Team 33? Players leave & radio silence

On September 13, the four-time FNCS-winning organization went silent on its social media accounts. Subsequently, several Team 33 members declared free agency without any word from the team. One member — former FNCS Champion Acorn — tweeted “Free agent” on October 11 despite signing six months ago. 

Since October 1, 17 former members have left the organization, and still, there has been no comment from those behind the scenes. As for what happened to the team, it’s difficult to say at this stage with absolute certainty. A tweet from a current professional Fortnite player and a former 33 member Sparebow said, “This was a money laundering org, but the managers were nice.” It’s unclear if that’s accurate. 

ZoMGMT, who worked previously with the organization as a manager, commented on the brand, stating, “Still find it crazy what happened with Team 33. Put so much time and effort into that so crazy.”

Former player speaks on the organization’s recent silence

In a recent episode of The FN Story podcast, former Team 33 player Middi stated he believed that owner Tyler Gallagher utilized the organization as a tax write-off. Up until the last two months, players were receiving payment. 

"I was like wow, we are a tax write-off. He [Gallagher] actually made salaries with these individual numbers. I was getting paid like $1,337 dollars, which is a weird number, right? You think on an actual org you'd put like $1,300, but the numbers [for Team 33] add up right below his tax bracket. I'm 99% sure we were a tax write-off."

Former Team 33 player Middi on The FN Story Podcast

However, Middi believes something happened with Gallagher’s primary company — Regal Assets — causing him to step away from the Fortnite organization. Middi has not spoken to Gallagher since August but said nothing but praise for the brand and owner. 

The list of members that have become free agents since October 1 is expansive and staggering:

  • Glace
  • Kaboo
  • Cyrzr
  • Nani
  • Cold
  • Tahi
  • BoopNL
  • defiable
  • Middi
  • Fatch
  • Mechton
  • Paper
  • verT
  • Acorn
  • Zookez
  • favs
  • Wavyjacob

It seems likely that Team 33 won’t make a statement, and the players above, alongside many others, are now searching for a new team. We reached out to the organization and multiple players for comment but received no response. We’ll be sure to update this article with any additional details should they materialize. 

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