Is Juice WRLD getting his own skin or emote in Fortnite?

The popular rapper, Juice WRLD, who sadly passed away in 2019, has been rumored to come to the popular Battle Royale, Fortnite. But are these rumors true? Or are they just random speculation circulating the internet?

Will Juice WRLD come to Fortnite?

Many artists, such as Ariana Grande, Eminem and more, have already gotten a skin in Fortnite. Coincidentally, many other artists have gotten an emote or two in the game.

So, what makes people think Juice WRLD may be coming to Fortnite?

Recently, Juice WRLD's former manager, "Pete," posted this statement in a group chat with fans: "One of the biggest things you've been asking for is happening this year. Tag me in any dances you would use as an emote for Juice."

While there are many other games out there that also have emotes, it would seem like Fortnite would make the most sense for the rapper to appear in. Fortnite fans have been notorious for being big fans of his music in the past.

So, if a collaboration between Juice WRLD and Fortnite is expected, when would it be?

Release date

Juice WRLD's manager also mentioned that something big was coming in six to seven weeks, meaning we could probably expect a Juice WRLD collaboration around late August or early September.

All of this is speculation, though, and could mean nothing. Will we get a Juice WRLD skin in Fortnite? Or will it just be an emote for players to use? The latter seems the most likely.

What Juice WRLD song would you love to see turned into a Fortnite emote?

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