Jump in and try out iJustine’s brand new Fortnite Creative map!

Fortnite Creative has been the wave for quite some time now, but who would have thought that the game would bring in OG celebrity content creators like iJustine? Justine, who found YouTube fame back in the early days of the video platform, just released her very own Fortnite Creative map.

The map is playable for everyone and available now.

iJustine's new Fortnite Creative map titled, "Robot Ranch", is available to play now!

Growing up with YouTube in its early days, Justine was a staple for the content creation community. Channels such as hers, Bo Burnham's, Smosh's and more were absolutely HUGE back in the day.

Justine though still continues to make content in various different forms. Now her content journey has led her to Fortnite.

Her new game in Fortnite is called "Robot Ranch," and is an adventure game where you follow a robotic pig through a ranch, facing various different obstacles.

"The name Robot Ranch is something I have been throwing around for a very long time," said Justine in her Twitter announcement video. "So I am so glad that Robot Ranch can live on in this form of a Fortnite Creative map."

To play Justine's Fortnite map, use the code posted below.

Robot Ranch Creative map code:

  • 2844-5104-5292

About iJustine and her content-creating journey

Justine started out making different forms of YouTube videos, giving fans a laugh and more. As she progressed, she began to find herself within the gaming realm and now is heavy within tech review.

Justine has been making content since 2006 when YouTube had only been a platform for a year, stapling her as one of the OGs.

With creators such as iJustine and more putting their name in Fortnite Creative, we can only expect to see the game grow at immense levels.

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