Trying to participate in the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge? Read here to learn how you can vote and earn in-game rewards.

Fortnite has once again upped their community integration skills by giving their fans one of the most immersive challenges yet. The new Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge will allow players to help develop new maps, scoring them in-game rewards along the way.

Here is everything you need to know about the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge and how you can participate.

The Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge grants participants in-game rewards and unique new maps to play

The new challenge will pit influencers and their fans against each other, pushing to create new and unique maps in the Battle Royale. The challenge comprises six teams, each with one influencer and two map builders.

Here are the four phases included in the challenge:

  • Phase 1: Players vote for a theme.
  • Phase 2: Map building period.
  • Phase 3: Players play each map and vote.
  • End: The winners are crowned.

Trying to join and vote? Hurry, because the voting ends on April 20.

People looking to participate can vote by signing in to their Epic Games account via the linked website.

Players who cast their votes and play the maps before a winner is crowned will receive two special in-game rewards.

Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge in-game rewards:

  • Cuddle Cube Spray
  • Lil' Sweeties Pickaxe
Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge in-game rewards (Image via Epic Game's website)
Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge in-game rewards (Image via Epic Game's website)

What challenges do you hope Fortnite gives people next?

With so many possibilities lying ahead, it makes you wonder just what Fortnite might be planning next. Their immserviness within their community is unnmatched when comparing to other games and franchises.

Considering the future of of Creative 2.0 and everything it has already done for the game, we should expect to see more and more creative challenges such as the Fortnite Creative Builders Challenge in the future.

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