Former professional Fortnite player, Hogman joins Fortnite Competitive team as Assoc. Competitive Community Manager.

The newest addition to the Competitive Fortnite team is Michael "Hogman" Hogman. He joins as the Fortnite Associate Competitive community manager with Epic Games. This move stirred excitement from the competitive community. Hogman becomes the bridge between Epic Games and the players that play Fortnite competitively.

What does this move mean for Competitive Fortnite?

First, the addition of another person to the Competitive Fortnite team speaks volumes. Epic Games is expanding a department that has historically been fairly small. Developers, such as Riot Games, have 100+ employees involved in esports or competitive gaming. On the other hand, Fortnite employs significantly fewer resources to the competitive side, based on a LinkedIn query. Even fewer people have been dedicated to the competitive side as Fortnite continued to grow. The team has been slowly expanding. All of the changes in the game show that the competitive team listens to the community, whether players believe it or not.

The new role looks to support tournaments and convey the thoughts of the community to the developer. This job appears to be a thankless position as the community and developer have rarely been on the same page. Although, the hiring of Hogman appears to show a step in the direction of understanding. If anyone can sympathize with the competitive community, it is a former professional Fortnite player.

Who is Hogman?

Hogman retired from competitive play, back in 2020. He is considered one of the "OGs" of Competitive Fortnite. In fact, Hogman received an invite from Epic Games to test various settings in 2018. Throughout his career, Hogman earned over $80,000 playing Fortnite. His most notable victories came from the Scallywag Cup and Summer Skirmish. Then the veteran narrowly missed out on qualifying for the Fortnite World Cup.

Throughout his career, Hogman is known as one of the pioneers of competitive Fortnite. He remained a well-respected pro even after his retirement. The former pro retired to focus on content, but the competitive itch must have burned within him. Now, he looks to support the community from the other side. His new role begins as Fortnite tournaments kicked off for 2022.

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