The best Fortnite Zero Build players are set to battle for $2 million at Gamers8 this summer!

Gamers8 has announced a $2 million Fortnite Zero Build LAN competition slated for July 6 to July 9 this summer in Saudi Arabia. In collaboration with DreamHack, players can qualify for the $2 million Gamers8 LAN by performing well at three upcoming DreamHack events. There's a lot to break down, so let's do it.

Here’s everything you need to know about this summer’s $2 million Gamers8 Fortnite Zero Build LAN tournament.

Gamers8 Fortnite Zero Build tournament details

This tournament confirmation follows the success of last year’s Gamers8 tournament, which hosted two separate competitions; one for Zero Build and another for traditional Battle Royale mode. Unlike the last Gamers8 event, the only game mode is Zero Build and the qualification path is much clearer. Players must travel to one of three DreamHack competitions to secure their spot.

The top ten duos from DreamHack San Diego, DreamHack Dallas, and DreamHack Summer in Sweden will earn the right to compete at the Gamers8 Fortnite Finals in Saudi Arabia. It’s unclear how Gamers8 plans to fill out the remaining spots. However, some well-known Fortnite players may receive an invitation to compete.

Here is a breakdown of some key dates to keep in mind as we approach the $2 million Gamers8 Fortnite Zero Build competition this summer:

DreamHack San Diego

  • San Diego Convention Center
  • Fortnite Zero Build Duos
  • April 7 to April 9
  • $250,000 prize pool
  • Top ten duos qualify for Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia

DreamHack Dallas 

  • Kay Bailey Hutchison Convention Center in Dallas, Texas
  • Fortnite Zero Build Duos
  • June 2 to June 4
  • $250,000 prize pool
  • Top ten duos qualify for Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia

DreamHack Summer

  • Elmia Congress & Concert Hall in Jönköping, Sweden
  • Fortnite Zero Build Duos
  • June 16 to June 19
  • $250,000 prize pool
  • Top ten duos qualify for Gamers8 in Saudi Arabia

Gamers8 featuring Fortnite

  • Riyadh, Saudi Arabia
  • Fortnite Zero Build Duos
  • July 3 to July 9
  • $2 million prize pool

The road to Gamers8 begins next month at DreamHack San Diego, where the first ten qualifying spots are on the line. We’ll update this article with more information as we receive it.

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