Fortnite’s Rocket Racing introduces new ‘Speed Run’ mode cover image

Fortnite’s Rocket Racing introduces new ‘Speed Run’ mode

Fortnite’s Rocket Racing has added a brand new game mode.

Fortnite's Rocket Racing, the popular game mode centered around cars and racing, has just introduced a brand new mode called "Speed Run." With the game's first season approaching its finale, many are jumping into this new mode with excitement as they test it out.

Speed Run is the perfect way for players to practice going as fast as possible on different racetracks, working to improve their speed each time.

The new mode is now playable in Rocket Racing, and even introduces a new leaderboard, allowing gamers to see their placement amongst others.

Fortnite's new Speed Run mode adds a new leaderboard, ghosts and more

Not only is having a Speed Run leaderboard a huge addition to Rocket Racing, but the new mode has also introduced a "ghost" car. A ghost car is your previous best time that races alongside you as you strive to beat it.

The purpose of having a ghost car is not only to have a time to beat but also to see your past mistakes and figure out how you can correct them.

The nice part about Speed Run is that it can be played in public and private matches. This means gamers can practice their speed by themselves or with friends. Luckily, Fortnite has disabled player collisions whenever players are playing Speed Run, making it impossible for racers to accidentally run into each other.

This is a great way to stop players from getting into accidents and instead lets them focus fully on their speed.

Speed Run to add a friends leaderboard alongside a regular leaderboard

Another cool addition that is coming with Speed Run is a friends leaderboard. Not only will there be a leaderboard that showcases your best times to everyone, but players can also see a leaderboard tailored to only their friends.

Fortnite has always known how to spice up the competition, and this is a perfect example of that. In fact, many will probably not even care about the worldwide leaderboard, and instead just try to compete amongst their friends.

I mean... who doesn't love a good friendly competition?

Regardless, Fortnite's Rocket Racing is still adding updates and making improvements weekly, which has been keeping the popular game mode alive.

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