Rocket Racing has just released two new tracks in its latest update.

Fortnite's Rocket Racing is still buzzing and releasing new tracks and cosmetics, making it an extremely popular aspect of Fortnite and gaming. Recently, the game mode released a new update, which included two new race tracks, car trails and more.

Here is everything you need to know about Rocket Racing's brand-new update.

2 new tracks added to Fortnite's Rocket Racing

Not only did they add two new tracks, but they added two new Advanced tracks to Rocket Racing. These tracks were meant to be quite the challenge, as they have a bunch of sharp turns, drop-offs offs and more.

The exciting part is the fact that the maps are modeled after different Fortnite locations from the past, giving regular Fortnite fans a bit of a nostalgic rush when playing the game.

So what are the two new tracks?

Lazy Lake 2

Modeled after the famous Chapter 2 Fortnite location, Lazy Lake 2 is a crazy track that can be unlocked once racers reach Gold I. The track features a lot of twists and turns, as it runs through the city, a canyon and more.

The map also has a lot of obstacles, so keep your eyes peeled.

K2 Raceway Deux

The K2 Raceway Deux may not be modeled after any specific locations from Fortnite, but it does have a few easter eggs in it, including The Shark location from Chapter 2. The map sits alongside the coast and has quite a few jumps.

For players to unlock the map, they must first reach Platinum 1, making it a bit more difficult than other maps.

Rocket Racing adds trails for cars

Do you know how we have trails that follow our characters after jumping out of the Battle Bus? Well, now there are trails that follow cars in Rocket Racing. Think of it as the exhaust coming from the car, but Rocket Racing has added various different trails for players to equip.

Right now, the only trail available is the Drift Smoke Trail, which will be added to everyone's inventory, but as time goes on Fortnite plans to add more trails.

The Drift Smoke Trail does come in different colors, though, which is unlockable via different challenges.

Additional details about the update

Fortnite also improved controls for Mobile, while also giving them Auto Accelerate, making it much easier to control their speed in-game. The game also fixed various different bugs that were causing issues with players, helping to make the game run much more smoothly.

What would you like to see come to Rocket Racing next?

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