Fortnite x World Cup ‘Let Them Know’ challenges: how to complete cover image

Fortnite x World Cup ‘Let Them Know’ challenges: how to complete

Fortnite’s Let Them Know quests give players the chance to earn a free emoticon and 300,000 experience points (XP) across six days!

These Fortnite ‘Let Them Know’ challenges are now live for players to complete in-game. However, unlike traditional quests, you must follow specific instructions. While not an official collaboration with the World Cup, Fortnite’s upcoming ‘Let Them Know’ set draws inspiration from the world’s international football tournament. 

The set goes live in the item shop tonight, November 21, at 7 PM EST. Until then, you can start working on the Fortnite Let Them Know quests.

Here’s everything you need to know about these quests and how you can participate.

How to register for the Fortnite Let Them Know quests

Fortnite website
Fortnite website

Firstly, you must navigate to the Fortnite Let Them Know website. Once there, you can log in to your Epic Games account by clicking the ‘Log In’ option on the right side of the page. After logging in, you will want to ensure that your Epic Games username appears in the upper-right corner of the web page. 

If you’ve followed these steps successfully, you will see the first Fortnite Let Them Know quest unlocked as you scroll down the page. The first quest is to earn one elimination, which gets you the “The Trophy Time” emoticon. Additional challenges will become available over the next six days. 

Here’s a quick refresher on how to enroll in the questline:

  1. Navigate to the Let Them Know website
  2. Log in to your Epic Games account
  3. Open the Fortnite application
  4. Play Fortnite Battle Royale or Zero Build matches to complete quests and check back each day for more

List of quests & rewards

Trophy Time emoticon
Trophy Time emoticon

The Fortnite Let Them Know questline provides multiple in-game rewards, including the emoticon mentioned above. Additionally, those who complete each following quest will earn 50,000 XP per day over the next six days. Furthermore, it’s worth noting that you can unlock every reward if you accomplish the challenge on day seven.

Here’s a breakdown of the Fortnite Let Them Know rewards:

  • Unlock The Trophy Time emoticon on day one
  • Day 2 through 6: earn 50,000 Fortnite XP each day
  • Day 7: Complete the quest on this day and earn every previous reward

For more information, visit Fortnite’s website to learn more about these quests and the Let Them Know cosmetic set. These quests will be available until November 27 at 11:59 PM EST.

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