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Fortnite Weapon Tier List for Chapter 4 cover image

Fortnite Weapon Tier List for Chapter 4


Having trouble deciding which weapons to use in Fortnite Chapter 4? Check out this Fortnite weapon tier list for Season 1!

Fortnite Chapter 4 features a condensed weapon selection compared to previous seasons. Epic Games ultimately decided to remove many of the Chapter 3 standouts in favor of brand-new options. The new list includes an explosive sword-firing Rifle, a Shockwave Grenade crossed with an oversized Hammer, and much more. So, what are the best weapons to carry in the new season? Here is our complete Fortnite Chapter 4 weapon tier list.

S Tier

Ex-Caliber Rifle

This new explosive sword-firing weapon is as effective as you think. The Ex-Caliber Rifle belongs in S Tier due to its devastating damage to your opponent and their structures. 
It deals damage on hit and, like the Boom Sniper Rifle, hurts even more, when the sword explodes. The Ex-Caliber Rifle is excellent for pressuring an opponent and handsomely rewards accurate shots.

Shockwave Hammer

The Shockwave Hammer is arguably the weapon more people are talking about than anything else in Fortnite Chapter 4. It doubles as a weapon and mobility item, making it worth carrying in every game this season. 
From a mobility standpoint, a fresh Shockwave Hammer launches you across the map four times before it enters a cooldown period. The damage it can inflict is a bonus for this surefire S Tier weapon.

A Tier

Tactical Pistol

Most players are sleeping on the Tactical Pistol this early in Fortnite Chapter 4. Pistols generally are a forgotten weapon, but the Tactical Pistol is much different than anything before. 
It functions similarly to an SMG, carrying an impressive 6.8 fully automatic fire rate and desirable recoil. The Tactical Pistol becomes even stronger with the Reality Augments, but even on its own, this is a solid choice.

Red-Eye Assault Rifle

The two primary Assault Rifles this season are good options; thus, we have placed both in A Tier. First, we have the Red-Eye Assault Rifle, similar to the MK-Seven Assault Rifle from Chapter 3. It features a red dot sight and is fully automatic, but the fire rate is slow compared to the “Scar” Assault Rifle. 
Still, the Red-Eye is excellent from a distance and is a better option in Zero Build as it will not do much damage to enemy structures. It packs a punch and rewards those who can hit their shots. 

Assault Rifle

The “Scar” Assault Rifle is back, much to the delight of most Fortnite players. This classic Assault Rifle now comes in all five rarities. Also, the Scar is just as good as you might remember it. 
You can use it in all situations, and it offers more versatility than the Red-Eye Assault Rifle. Overall, this weapon is one most players will opt to carry throughout the season. 

Rocket Launcher

Epic Games unretired the Rocket Launcher in Chapter 4, and it’s once again a tool of destruction. Only the Epic and Legendary rarities returned, making it challenging to pass on when you find one. We don’t need to say much more about the Rocket Launcher. It deals heavy damage to your enemy and buildings.

B Tier

Thunder Shotgun

Of the three Shotguns in Chapter 4, there’s no doubt the Thunder sits above the others. This weapon functions similarly to the traditional Pump. However, it’s different in the sense that it fires two shots at one time. While it can hit for a max of 195 damage, the Thunder Shotgun has a slow fire rate and reload time. Still, this weapon is the optimal Shotgun to use in Chapter 4.

Twin Mag SMG

The Twin Mag SMG is one of two SMGs available in the current loot pool, and it’s just okay. Nothing sets this weapon apart from the other rapid-fire weapons available this season outside of “Twin Mag” capability. The Twin Mag SMG is fine, but the Tactical Pistol is a much better option.

Machine SMG

Formerly known as the Machine Pistol, the Machine SMG fits into a similar category as the Twin Mag version on this Fortnite weapon tier list. These two weapons serve a similar purpose; they are both effective at close range but abysmal from a distance. Furthermore, Epic Games severely nerfed the weapon outside of its reload speed. The Twin Mag and Machine SMG are interchangeable in Fortnite Chapter 4.

Primal Bow

Instead of classifying each Bow independently, we decided to group them into two categories; Primal and Mechanical. There’s no question that the Primal Bow variants are much overall. The Flame and Stink Bows are equally effective in their own right. The Flame Bow is a nuisance to all opponents, especially those building with wood. 
The Stink Bow is equally a nuisance, dealing five damage per second via a gas cloud. Next to the Flame Bow, it’s one of the best options to flush an enemy out of their base and catch them off guard.

C Tier

Maven Auto Shotgun

The Maven Auto Shotgun falls into the C on this Fortnite weapon tier list due to low damage and inconsistency. At times, it feels as though this Shotgun requires three or four shots to down an opponent. 
That leaves a feeling of uncertainty when carrying it. Sure, the Auto Shotgun is superior from a fire rate standpoint, but it fails in every other area. If you are confident in your aim, you’d be much wiser to carry the Thunder Shotgun.


The DMR is the closest weapon to a Sniper that you’ll find in Chapter 4 Season 1. Sadly, it’s not a Sniper and is probably more suitable for Zero Build mode. You’ll not prioritize the DMR this season unless there’s nothing else available. 
It’s serviceable as a long-range weapon, so let that determine whether you want to keep the DMR in your inventory.

Tactical Assault Rifle

The classic Tactical Assault Rifle is one of the few weapons to come back in Fortnite Chapter 4. It’s never stood out due to its effectiveness only in mid-range fights. The fire rate of this weapon is slower than an SMG, and it doesn’t offer the same range as an Assault Rifle. 
Overall, the Tactical AR is middle of the pack at best, leaving it much lower on the Chapter 4 tier list. It doesn’t excel at anything, and you can only get it from Reality Augments, making it an okay option.

Mechanical Bow

The Mechanical Bow variants pale in comparison to the Primal options. Instead of the Flame and Stink Bow, the Mechanical Bow offers a Shockwave and Explosive upgrade. The Shockwave Bow is fine for mobility, but the Explosive Bow needs to do more damage to make it worthwhile. You can do much better this season, leaving this lower on this season's Fortnite weapon tier list.

D Tier

Combat Shotgun

Lastly on the tier list is the Combat Shotgun–a once revered weapon in Fortnite Chapter 1. Like the Tactical Assault Rifle, the Combat is only available via Reality Augments. Once upon a time, this Shotgun was a master of all trades; it worked well from short, middle, and long range. Since then, it’s become a weak weapon and not worth your Reality Augments. 
This weapon is a hard pass unless you have a strong affinity for the Combat Shotgun from previous seasons.
That covers the entire Fortnite weapon tier list for Chapter 4. Be sure to build your inventory wisely the next time you drop from the Battle Bus!
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Matthew "MJP" Pryor
Matthew "MJP" Pryor
Editor | Twitter @MJP_FN
Matt “MJP” Pryor began following esports in 2008 when Halo 3 was on top of the world. He is now a Fortnite fanatic who has watched the game’s casual and competitive development since the 2019 Fortnite World Cup. Matt plays the game often while reporting on everything from skin collaborations to tournaments and everything in between.