Fortnite v25.11 Patch Notes: Explosive Repeater Rifle & Pump Shotgun returns cover image

Fortnite v25.11 Patch Notes: Explosive Repeater Rifle & Pump Shotgun returns

Here’s everything new in Fortnite Patch v25.11.

The Fortnite v25.11 patch is now live after a short downtime period. On the other side of the brief outage, Epic Games released a new Explosive Repeater Rifle, added new Reality Augments, and brought back the Pump Shotgun with a different name.

Here is a broader look at the Fortnite v25.11 patch notes.

New Explosive Repeater Rifle spawns in Fortnite v25.11 update

Image Credit: Epic Games
Image Credit: Epic Games

The Explosive Repeater Rifle has effectively replaced the Heavy Sniper Rifle. However, the two weapons are vastly different. The Repeater Rifle is a new spin on the Lever Action Rifle but fires rounds that explode on impact.

To locate the Explosive Repeater Rifle, you can search in regular Chests, rare Chests, Holo-Chests, and for sale by the Nia non-player character (NPC). Check out our NPC guide for a complete list of NPC locations.

Here are the stats for the Explosive Repeater Rifle after Fortnite v25.11. Please note that the first number is the Common rarity, and the second number is the Legendary rarity:

  • DPS: 30-38
  • Damage to the Body: 32-40
  • Damage to the Head: 80-100
  • Builds Damage: 40-48
  • Magazine Size: 5
  • Fire Rate: 0.95
  • Reload Time: 5.5-4.5

Is the Pump Shotgun back in Fortnite?

The Pump Shotgun has returned to Fortnite after a lengthy absence. However, it now goes by the name Sharp Tooth Shotgun while sporting the same appearance.

Epic Games did not mention this weapon in the blog post. The Sharp Tooth Shotgun is available after Fortnite v25.11 in Uncommon, Rare, Epic, and Legendary rarities.

Here are the Sharp Tooth Shotgun stats:

  • DPS: 70-81
  • Damage to the Body: 103-119
  • Damage to the Head: 145-160
  • Builds Damage: 77-89
  • Magazine Size: 4
  • Fire Rate: 0.68
  • Reload Time: 4.73-4.05

What new Reality Augments are in Fortnite v25.11?

Two new Reality Augments have joined the growing list in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3. Both Augments play into the addition of the Explosive Repeater Rifle.

Here are the new Reality Augments alongside Epic’s description:

  • Heavy Headshots: Your weapons using heavy ammo will have increased headshot damage.
  • Heavy Ammo Acquired: Instantly gain heavy ammo, then gain more when you open containers.

Competitive Note + Bug Fix

  • Wildguard Relik, Wildguard Relik’s Cloak Gauntlets, and Relik’s MK-Alpha Assault Rifle from v25.10 are now included in tournaments.
  • Fixed an issue preventing Victory Crowns from appearing in players’ inventories (which also prevented Victory Crowns from being dropped from players’ inventories).

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