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Fortnite to release new Weapon Modifications

Fortnite may be getting some new Weapon Modifications soon.

Chapter 5 has brought a lot of new mechanics to Fortnite, one of them being the Weapon Modifications system. The Weapon Modifications allow players to modify their guns with different scopes, larger magazines and more. While the mods already in the game are of great use, Fortnite is still working on brand-new Weapon Modifications that will be added soon.

Luckily, Fortnite leakers have given fans an insight into what to expect with new Weapon Modifications for the game.

Fortnite leaker releases information on new Weapon Modifications

New Weapon Modifications are just beyond the horizon and so is an entirely new Weapon Modification category.

According to the popular leaker, iFireMonkey, Fortnite will be adding a new Weapon Modification category titled "AMPs." With the addition of AMPs will be four new mods that players can attach to their weapons.

AMP Weapon Modifications:

  • Automatic Fire
  • Crit Damage Multiplier
  • Flaming Bullets
  • Restores Stamina

It seems that AMPs are basically going to be weapon perks like in Call of Duty. How rare they will be is unknown, though.

Original Weapon Modification categories to receive new mods too

The original Weapon Modification categories that were already released earlier this season will also be receiving new mods. Here is every new mod that will be released.

Weapon Barrels/Muzzles:

  • Muzzle Breach
  • Long Barrel
  • Fire Barrel
  • Triple Barrel

Luckily, barrels and muzzles aren't the only categories getting new mods.

Weapon Magazines:

  • Overload Mag
  • Extended Mag
  • Quick Mag

Weapon Under Barrels:

  • Speed Foregrip

When these new Weapon Modifications will be released is unknown. Unfortunately, with no time stamp, these mods could literally be released at any time during the next year.

What is the purpose of Weapon Modifications?

Weapon Modifications play a huge part in Fortnite's new chapter. In fact, many other Battle Royales already utilized Weapon Modifications, making Fortnite a little late to the trend.

With the new mechanic now in the game, players are able to add different items to their guns, improving the weapons in different areas. For example, someone may want a quieter weapon, so they will choose a Weapon Barrel such as a silencer, which makes the gun quieter. While this helps with sound, it reduces the aim control and distance that a gun may fire.

Each Weapon Modification has its own pros and cons, making gamers have to specifically choose which ones work best for their play style.

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