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Fortnite to nerf Spider-Man In Competitive Playlists

The Spider-Man Web-Shooters within Fortnite, which we all know in love, are about to take a massive hit within the competitive scene.

After a month of allowing players to swing around the popular battle royale map, Fornite has decided to make a pretty large change. The Spider-Man Web Shooters, a popular item within Fornite, is about to lose a lot of its momentum.

This news came directly from Fortnite's competitive Twitter page. They tweeted the morning of January 25th saying "Fortnite constantly changes and we have a change coming in 19.20. Beginning next week, Spider-Man's Web-Shooters will have 20 charges instead of 80 in all competitive playlists."

This announcement came soon after announcing their new Pizza Party item. This new item allows players to receive extra health when consuming pizza within the game.

Is this the right decision?

Fortnite has always done an incredible job at spicing up the playing field, and the Spider-Man Web-Shooters was no exception. They brought a fun and unique sort of gameplay into the casual and competitive field. This brings us to wonder, will this decision hurt the game? Or is this a big win for the competitive scene?

A lot of players have been praising the Spider-Man Web-Shooters this season. There has been quite the talk that it helps players to have solid rotations when playing competitively. Other players think it is too unfair and unbalanced. This change caters to the audience on that latter side.

A big nerf to Spider-Man's Web-Shooters will reduce their viability in competitive games.
A big nerf to Spider-Man's Web-Shooters will reduce their viability in competitive games.

For casual Fortnite players, the Spider-Man Web-Shooters will stay untouched, still having 80 shots within their inventory. For competitive players, having only 20 shots will have to make players decide whether or not the Spider-Man Web-Shooters are truly worth holding within their inventory

What's next for Fortnite?

Regardless of whether you like this change or not, Fortnite knows how to keep the ball rolling, and how to keep people to continue talking. Changes like this are expected, and we will more than likely see more changes to this season as the competitive season rolls ahead.

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