Fortnite to come to Berlin International Gaming (BIG) cover image

Fortnite to come to Berlin International Gaming (BIG)

Berlin International Gaming is officially making its entry into Fortnite.

The Berlin International Gaming (BIG) announced its newest venture into the world of Forntite. The popular team has officially decided to make a strategic move into the world of competitive Fortnite, with the signing of a huge few players.

Here are all the details regarding BIG's entry into Fortnite.

BIG to enter the world of competitive Fortnite

BIG has announced the signing of two popular Fortnite competitive players as the organization clears its name of not being associated with the Battle Royale. This is a huge move for BIG, as it helps them to improve their presence within the world of esports.

Berlin International Gaming's Fortnite players:

  • Lycian “Kiduoo” Kubelt
  • Troy “Kiro” Alexis

Not only are these two of the best competitors in the EU region, but they are also a duo. This gives BIG one of the best duos within the competitive scene; a huge step for the organization.

BIG preparing for the Esports World Cup

The Esports World Cup is this summer, and with the announcement of Fortnite moving to Creative, BIG is preparing the team for the new future of the competitive game.

Looking to expand the team's roster to participate in the 4v4 combat system for the game, Daniel Finkler, CEO of BIG, had some words to say: "We are excited to announce BIG’s strategic entry into Fortnite, a decision that has been carefully planned for an extensive period," said Finkler.

While competitive Fortnite may be making a turn from the traditional Battle Royale style, it still continues to thrive within esports.

"With Fortnite's massive global appeal, we see tremendous potential, especially in the DACH region. We're excited to welcome elite talents like Kiro and Kiduoo to our team. Fortnite is more than a game, it's a cultural phenomenon that unites millions. At BIG, we're excited to bring our unique style to this dynamic landscape and enhance the global gaming experience."

BIG's venture within the Fortnite scene is an impressive feat and it will be exciting to see how their newest business decision plays out.

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