Fortnite speaks up on Chapter 5’s movement controversy cover image

Fortnite speaks up on Chapter 5’s movement controversy

Fortnite decided to share their thoughts on how they feel about Chapter 5’s new movement.

Fortnite's newest chapter, Chapter 5, was released only a few days ago (December 3, 2023) and was met with a few different complaints from the community. While many enjoyed the new addition of weapon mods, the new map and more, many were upset about the new movement mechanic.

A mechanic that was revealed to have been worked on for over an entire year ended up upsetting a lot of people within the community. Fortnite, though, decided not to stay quiet amidst the community's complaints.

Fortnite talks movement changes in Chapter 5 on Twitter

So what exactly was wrong with the change to movement in Fortnite? Many players expressed their concerns almost immediately after the new chapter was released, saying that the mechanics needed to be reverted to the previous movement.

Fortnite hindered the running speed, which was a huge issue for many players. While sprinting may last longer and have a faster recovery, regular running ended up feeling quite a bit slower.

The issue with this is it slows down how fast players can build, making build fights play out a bit differently than they did in the past. Building is the core mechanic that made Fortnite the game it is today, and many do not want to see too many changes to that feature.

Fortnite hopes players adjust to new changes in the future

Fortnite, though, hopes that players end up just getting used to the new changes.

"We’re listening to your feedback on this and definitely hear the concerns," said Fortnite on Twitter. "In this early stage, we’re hoping that you’ll consider this update & that it starts to feel natural over time."

While this communication is solid by the team, many are still hoping they change their mind over time. This also shows though that Fortnite is listening and that the players' voices do matter to them, which is what sets the game aside from others.

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