My Hero Academia is officially returning to Fortnite, but this time it’s with villains.

Big fan of Fortnite doing collaborations with animes like My Hero Academia (MHA)? Well, luckily, it seems like we may be getting a whole new set of skins from the popular manga and TV show.

Leaks have surfaced of a new MHA collaboration that, this time, stars the villains of the anime.

My Hero Academia to return to Fortnite

My Hero Academia has been a staple within the Fortnite community as it was one of the earlier animes that the game collaborated with. The only thing is, every MHA skin we have is a hero.

So, why no villains?

Well, it seems like the newest partnership with the popular anime will bring fans exactly what they want.

Popular Fortnite leaker, Hypex, took to Twitter to announce the new collaboration earlier this morning.

This is a big step for all the MHA fans, as this introduces some of the top villains in the show to the popular Battle Royale.

Every new My Hero Academia skin

Here is a list of the three MHA skins coming to Fortnite:

  • Himigo Toga
  • Tomura Shigaraki
  • Dabi

With a bunch of additional cosmetics joining the villains, there will also be a League of Villains bundle that gamers can purchase.

With so many collaborations in the works, there could never be a better time to play Fortnite and watch anime.

About MHA

If you have never heard of My Hero Academia (which means you probably live under Patrick Star's home), then let me enlighten you. The popular anime follows a young boy, Izuku Midoriya, in a world where a large percentage of the population has different superpowers.

Determined to become the greatest superhero out there, Midoriya pushes the limits of what it means to be a hero, attempting to do good at every corner.

MHA is an extremely popular anime with multiple seasons and is still running.

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