What are the infamous Fortnite Rules?

Epic Games’ Fortnite has been one of the most successful video games, merging gaming and pop culture. Several pop stars such as Ariana Grande, Marshmello, Drake, Travis Scott and others have performed in Fortnite. 

What are Fortnite Rules?

Fortnite Rules are an unofficial set of rules that the game’s community tries to stick to. There’s a lot of rules and we have listed here some of the most popular ones.

Fortnite Rules

Fortnite Rule #
Rule Description
Whatever a player says can be and will be used against him. So take some time to consider before you type in chat or speak on your mic.
13Rule 13 says whatever a Fortnite player says can be and will be morphed into something else. Anything you say can be turned into a meme and not always in a good way.
The majority of Party members must agree before taking any action. This includes which mode to play, kicking a teammate or even drop locations.
All players have the right to intervene. It can be annoying to have another player join in late in a shootout, but it is an accepted part of the game and should not be criticized.
Rule 30 says Women don't play online. It is also one of the easiest rules to prove wrong as Fortnite has a large number of women who play the game.
Rule 31 says that players must be 13 or older in order to participate in competitive tournaments. Depending on the tournament, there could be real punishments for players flouting this rule.
Did you land an impressive shot or had an exciting moment in your gameplay? Want to brag about it to your friends. Well, you better have proof ready. Rule 32 says users must have gameplay footage or screenshots as proof of their brag.
In-game remarks should be kept to a minimum. Fortnite players should think twice before using audio or text as it can offend others in the match.
Rule 34 basically applies to every video game. It says explicit/adult content relating to the game is available and circulating online.
Rule 35 says that if Rule 34 is not applicable now, it will be applicable in the future.
No matter how terrible the situation is for you, some other player has it worse. Did you miss a shot cause of a laggy connection, another player might have disconnected after playing for a long time.
Rule 63 says that there are gender-swap versions of every character in Fortnite. So there is a female Jonesy available somewhere out there.
Rule 64 says there are Alternative Universe (AU) versions of Fortnite. This one's definitely true as Epic Games has shown there are different universes co-existing in Fortnite.
Rule 69 says whenever 69 appears in-game or in social media platforms of the game, all players should respond with "Nice".

That's all the (unofficial) Fortnite Rules that govern the playerbase. So if you get into a game, don't be alarmed if someone is just following the unwritten rules.

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