Fortnite veteran and two-time DreamHack winner Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen is the newest member of Become Legends.

Professional Fortnite player Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen has a new home following two months as a free agent. The 17-year-old notably spent an extended period with California-based esports brand 100 Thieves. However, that run abruptly ended recently. Today, MrSavage revealed himself as the newest member of Become Legends — a top name in the European scene. 

The organization, which possesses two FNCS champions, added another Fortnite great to its roster. Furthermore, MrSavage has a new place to reside as he looks to grow his legacy. 

MrSavage goes from 100 Thieves to Become Legends

Two months ago, professional Fortnite player Martin “MrSavage” Foss Andersen unceremoniously left top organization 100 Thieves. The 17-year-old signed with the organization in 2020 just before claiming victory at DreamHack Anaheim that same weekend. 

After leaving 100 Thieves, many questioned what would be next for the veteran. The wait is over, and MrSavage announced today he would become the latest member of Become Legends (BL). 

Today, ahead of the third Fortnite FNCS Qualifier, Become Legends officially welcomed MrSavage to the team. Furthermore, BL posted a 30-second video to celebrate its newest member. 

A true professional in every sense of the word — the Norwegian player began his Fortnite career in 2018. Since then, he’s enjoyed consistent success across the last four years. 

One of the best to ever touch Fortnite

There is no denying MrSavage’s body of work since embarking on his quest to be a top Fortnite player. He became one of only a handful of competitors to qualify for the Solo and Duo Fortnite World Cup. 

Additionally, he reached the Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Grand Finals 13 out of 14 times — a feat that’s almost unheard of over four years. While he’s never claimed the Axe of Champions, MrSavage has knocked on the door multiple times. Here's a look at his best career results:

  • 1st: DreamHack Anaheim 2020
  • 1st: DreamHack Open 2021 with Benjyfishy
  • 2nd: Fortnite Champion Series Chapter 2 Season 6 Finals with Endretta and Refsgaard
  • 6th: DreamHack Summer 2022
  • 7th: Fortnite Champion Series Season X Finals with Itemm and Rojo

This season, he sadly replaced his former duo Benjy “Benjyfishy” Fish following his retirement from Fortnite with two-time FNCS winner Henrik “Hen” Mclean. Now, he joins one of the premiere Fortnite organizations. 

Become Legends just saw two players — Iwo "Setty" Zając and Michał "Kami" Kamiński — finish first and second at DreamHack Winter 2022. Moreover, MrSavage took sixth place at the same event. 

MrSavage is still searching for his first FNCS title, and there might not be a better spot for him than Become Legends. The future remains bright for the 17-year-old Norwegian atop the totem pole in competitive Fortnite. 

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