Here is everything you need to know about the June 7 Fortnite update!

Epic Games released another Fortnite update, piggybacking on the May 30 patch from last week. The developers acted because of the concerns raised with Nitro Fists, the Boom Bolt, and other problematic items. Although some feel there is room for improvement, here is a complete list of Fortnite patch notes for the June 7 update.

Fortnite patch notes for June 7: Nitro Fists and Boom Bolt nerfed

The official Fortnite account on X directly responded to the post from May 30 mentioned earlier. Last week's patch addressed many vehicle-based issues players raised as "game-breaking." However, with Nitro Fists wreaking havoc on the current Fortnite meta, Epic Games has dropped another patch.

Here is a complete list of issues and balance adjustments deployed via the Fortnite June 7 update:

  • Get even splashier with increased Nitro Splash stack size (the Nitro effect also gives infinite stamina!)
  • Tactical Assault Rifle damage has been increased.
  • Harbinger SMG reloads faster and has an increased fire rate. Brrt brrt!
  • Reduced Nitro Fists’ punch and uppercut damage to structures and air punch damage to both structures and players.
  • Slightly reduced Grenade Launcher Turret damage to players.
  • Slightly reduced Machine Gun Turret’s damage and fire rate.
  • Fixed a bug causing higher Boom Bolt damage to player-built structures than intended.

What is significant about this Fortnite update?

The last four points in the Fortnite patch notes have the most significant implications. Nitro Fists now deal less damage to structures, meaning "getting in" on opponents won't be as easy. Furthermore, the damage reduction to players is equally notable since spamming the Nitro Fists is not as rewarding.

Many players have stated that the Boom Bolt damage is too significant. Although this item will deal less damage to structures, it still has unlimited ammo. As a result, we'll have to wait and see how effective this change will be.

Finally, it's worth addressing the damage reduction to the Grenade Launcher Turret and Machine Gun Turret vehicle mods. Epic Games slightly nerfed these in the last update, but not the damage to players. The Nitro Splash change is a sneakily important adjustment as well. Players may opt to dedicate an inventory spot to these with the stack size increase and infinite stamina, making them good for rotations.

We'll have to see how these Fortnite patch notes affect the meta and what other adjustments may be forthcoming.

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