Fortnite Olympics Results: Anon from OCE wins Gold cover image

Fortnite Olympics Results: Anon from OCE wins Gold

Here’s how the first-ever Fortnite Olympics went down in Singapore!

The Fortnite Olympics reached a thrilling conclusion in Singapore this weekend. Eleven former Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) winners from across the globe received invitations to compete in the first-ever global Olympic event. 

This inaugural competition occurred on a Fortnite creative map, testing the participant’s editing, building, and aiming. Ultimately, Lucas “Anon” Malissa from Australia claimed the Gold trophy. 

Here’s how the action played out in Singapore. 

Anon flawlessly wins Gold at the Fortnite Olympics

Australian player Lucas “Anon” Malissa proved that practice pays off as he looked untouchable in the Fortnite Olympics competition. He set the stage with a time slightly north of two minutes in the Qualifiers, which outpaced all other competitors. 

Anon advanced through the Quarterfinals and Semifinals with wins over Japanese competitors Yamada “Zagou” Yuto and Andrejs "Merstach" Piratovs from Latvia. The Finals set up a match between Anon and Alexander “Boltz” Feyzjou from North America in a best-of-three. 

Anon defeated Boltz in the first two matches and guaranteed himself the Gold trophy. Although the Finals did not deliver the fastest runs, Anon made history as the first Fortnite Gold medalist.

FNCS Chapter 4 Season 1 winner Boltz walked away with the Silver trophy. Latvian player Merstach defeated Suns to win the Bronze trophy. 

Fortnite Olympics Time Trials Qualifiers

  • 1st: Anon — 2:00:36
  • 2nd: Suns — 2:00:57
  • 3rd: Merstach — 2:01:14
  • 4th: Boltz — 2:02:94
  • 5th: Acorn — 2:06:92
  • 6th: Rapit — 2:07:08
  • 7th: TaySon — 2:08:74
  • 8th: Zagou — 2:10:76
  • 9th: Kitoz — 2:12:61 (eliminated)
  • 10th: Pepoclip — 2:13:62 (eliminated)
  • 11th: Wisa — 2:38:07 (eliminated)

Fortnite Olympics Quarterfinals

  • Anon eliminates Zagou
  • Merstach eliminates Rapit
  • Boltz eliminates Acorn
  • Suns eliminates TaySon

Fortnite Olympics Semifinals

  • Anon defeats Merstach
  • Boltz defeats Suns

Third Place Match

  • Merstach defeats Suns


  • Anon defeats Boltz

Fortnite Olympics Final Results

  • 1st/Gold: Anon (Australia)
  • 2nd/Silver: Boltz (North America)
  • 3rd/Bronze: Merstach (Latvia)

What does the future hold for Olympic Fortnite?

Image Credit: Olympics
Image Credit: Olympics

The Fortnite Olympics competition in Singapore provided a taste of what the game offers. Shooting, aiming, building, and editing are crucial, but nothing beats a Battle Royale match. 

In the future, various countries could field Fortnite teams for the Olympics. This environment could elevate the next Fortnite Olympic event. We will have to wait and see what the future holds. 

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