Fortnite legend ‘Bizzle’ announces his retirement cover image

Fortnite legend ‘Bizzle’ announces his retirement

Popular gamer and Fortnite competitive player has officially announced his leave from the Battle Royale.

If you are equipped with knowledge of the Fortnite competitive scene, you have probably heard of Bizzle. Bizzle, who recently left FaZe, has been around for quite some time. Unfortunately, though, the popular competitive Fortnite player's reign is coming to an end, as he announced on Twitter (today) his official retirement.

Here are all the details you need to know about Bizzle's official retirement from Fortnite.

Bizzle to retire from Fortnite: Everything you need to know

Bizzle, who first signed to Ghost Gaming back in 2018, has been a household name for Fortnite fans. His eagerness to always compete and stay at the highest level pulled him apart from other competitive players.

But like the saying goes... "All good things must come to an end."

Earlier today on Twitter, Bizzle made an official announcement that he will be retiring from Fortnite.

"Retiring from @FNCompetitive," said Bizzle on Twitter. "I'll say more about it later, but I will be live today for FNCS."

It seems though as if Bizzle still has ONE more left in him.

Bizzle retires from Fortnite (Image via Dexerto)
Bizzle retires from Fortnite (Image via Dexerto)

"This is gonna be my last tournament." The player even went to add a sad face at the end of the tweet, showing the struggle it has been for him to make up this decision.

Bizzle, who has placed in various FNCS, DreamHacks tournaments and more, will go down as one of the greats within the Fortnite and esports community.

Will more players leave Fortnite competitive?

Is is no secret that many players are starting to evaporate from the competitive Fortnite scene. This asks the question, is it because of the game? Or are many players just growing out of their love for the Battle Royale?

Regardless, it is always a sad day when a popular player announces their retirement. Hopefully, we have fewer in the future.

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