Fortnite disables Shockwave Hammer in all playlists… including competitive cover image

Fortnite disables Shockwave Hammer in all playlists… including competitive

The Shockwave Hammer has been officially removed from the game. Luckily, it is only temporary.

With Chapter 4 being out for over a month now, players have been able to explore the new map for quite some time. With so many new features, such as the Shockwave Hammer, to play around with, Fortnite has been incredibly enjoyable for everyone.

But, for the moment, the infamous Shockwave Hammer has been vaulted. Here is everything we know.

Disabling the Shockwave Hammer is for the best for now, but players are hoping it returns soon

Luckily, for anyone out there who loves the hammer, it seems this is only a temporary situation. With new chapters and new seasons, there always comes some sort of issues with games. The hammer provided quite a few of those issues.

Players were figuring out exploits and glitches that didn't fit the integrity of competitive Fortnite. The weapon became a little TOO useful.

The item also sometimes glitched out and prevented players from moving, making competitors lose the game pretty fast. This was becoming extremely frustrating for people.

This change may be only temporary, but people speculated differently

The Shockwave Hammer was removed yesterday, January 8, 2023, from Fortnite. They did not officially announce its removal though until today, January 9, 2023. A lot of negative speculation surrounded the removal of the hammer.

Players were afraid that one of their favorite items was officially gone too soon.

Without information, it was only right that people assumed the worst. With large creators such as AussieAntics tweeting about it before Forntite, there was no way around people creating the assumption.

Luckily, the hammer will be back before we know it, allowing players to swoop around the island battling for that Victory Royale.

Whether you use the hammer or not, you cannot deny the uniqueness it brings to the game!

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