The Cronus Zen is officially a banned device in Fortnite. Check out what a Cronus Zen is and other details.

With the start of Chapter 3, Season 4, Fortnite has officially announced that the Cronus Zen and other hardware are now ban-worthy. The popular device to help improve players' aim may have officially lost its reign within the Fortnite community.

Here are the details of the ban.

Not just the Chronus Zen, but more devices will be bannable!

Fortnite announced with the start of the new season that not just the Cronus Zen are banned, but other multiple hardware is too. In fact, their announcement specified that any device or hardware which gives players a "competitive advantage" is now bannable.

The post stated that the "restricted devices include but are not limited to Cronus Zen and Cronus max. This is the first time that Fortnite has actually acknowledged the use of these devices.

Fortnite Ban message on restricted devices.
Fortnite Ban message on restricted devices.

The controversy over whether or not a zen is morally acceptable within the community has officially found its verdict.

What is a Cronus Zen?

A Cronus Zen is an emulator device that uses scripts and coding to help improve the aim of players using it. The hardware device would utilize these scripts to provide in-game benefits for players using it.

Cronus Zen
Cronus Zen

One of the reasons this device is so controversial is because of how easily undetectable its usage is. While the device does not give you complete aim-bot, it does help restrict recoil and improve aim automatically.

The device's controversy had already been addressed by other games as bannable. Fortnite officially taking this step to improve the integrity of its competitive scene is long overdue.

Do you agree with the Cronus Zen ban?

Although Fortnite acknowledged that there are more bannable hardware devices other than the zen, it seems the Cronus Zen is their primary target. Do you believe that this statement and action by the game are acceptable?

With Fortnite cracking down on cheaters, it will be interesting to see how the ban impacts some of the current professional players.