Fortnite creator announces $125,000 Fortnite tournament across 4 different regions cover image

Fortnite creator announces $125,000 Fortnite tournament across 4 different regions

While Fortnite may not have too many events planned for the foreseeable future, some creators are putting forth their own major tournaments.

It is no secret that Fortnite has been lacking in events since the FNCS Global Championship ended in October. However, many third-party organizers have been attempting to keep the competitive scene afloat by hosting their own large-scale tournaments.

One creator, Kiwigal, announced her very own massive Fortnite tournament series titled "Frosty Royale."

Frosty Royale to take place over 4 weeks with 4 participating regions

Not only will the Frosty Royale event have a $125,000 prize pool, but it will take place over four weeks with four participating regions. There will be one massive finals event at the end, where the best of the best will get a crack at the majority of this large prize pool.

It is presumed that the idea of Frosty Royale stems from Fortnite's original Winter Royale, which was a massive tournament held over every region back in 2019. Many have since then called for the game to hold a tournament series like this since then, but nothing has ever been put into action.

Now, Kiwigal is putting forth her very own effort to give players that holiday tournament series they deserve.

How to play in the Frosty Royale

As of now, the Frosty Royale tournament is an invite-only event. Grabbing yourself a spot in the tournament may be a little difficult. Checking in with Twitter will be your best bet to getting a spot in this huge tournament series.

With OG Fortnite ending in only a few days, many are curious about what the state of tournaments in Fortnite will look like in the future. The game has had to cancel quite a few Ranked Cups already, so many are getting anxious when it comes to new competitive events.

Hopefully, we see Fortnite step up over the next month with events. If not, then maybe more third-party organizers will create large tournaments such as the Frosty Royale.

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