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Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end… but what made the chapter so iconic? cover image

Fortnite Chapter 3 is coming to an end… but what made the chapter so iconic?


Chapter 4 is almost here, but let’s not forget about Chapter 3 and all its amazing moments.

Fortnite Chapter 3 is officially coming to a close, as Chapter 4 is set to release on December 4, 2022. Starting at the end of 2021, Chapter 3 lasted the entirety of 2022.
Fortnite's Chapter 3 will go down in history, but what exactly made it so iconic? Let's go over everything that made the chapter so great.
The entirety of Chapter 3 sought to bring players new ways to run around the island. Starting out, we were introduced to a sliding mechanic. Sliding has been the normality in quite a few different games, so having it in Fortnite was refreshing.
A season later, Fortnite introduced even more movement mechanics. Players were given the ability to tactical sprint, jump, and mantle when trying to take height.
These new mechanics made way for exciting fights and endgames in competitives.
Going into the final season of Chapter 3, Fortnite introduced one more giant movement mechanic. Double movement officially joined the game.
Double movement is when a player can run in a specific direction while looking at another. This is a feature controller players had been given from the start, but keyboard and mouse players were lacking.
To ensure third-party softwares were excluded from the game, Fortnite officially added double movement within their database. This allows everyone to utilize the mechanic without having to download any extra software.

Make way Fortnite... Zero Build is here to stay

With the start of Chapter 3: Season 2, Fortnite introduced a brand new game mode called "Zero Build". Zero Build quickly made a staple within the gaming community, bringing back quite a few old players.
The original Fortnite feeling had returned, and everyone was here for it.
Soon after its release, multiple third-party tournaments hopped on the Zero Build train. Immediately, Twitch Rivals created a tournament series, featuring players such as Tfue.
There was even an in-person Zero Build event at Twitch Con in San Diego.
Eventually, Fortnite started hosting its own cash prize Zero Build tournaments. Luckily for those who are Zero Build enthusiasts, it does not seem like the game mode plans to go away. We have seen hundreds of thousands worth of prize money going into Zero Build tournaments and we should expect more to come throughout 2023.

LAN events are back!

2022 marked a large milestone for Fortnite and the gaming community as a whole. After a long couple of years, in-person LAN events have officially returned.
DreamHack, Fortnite, Twitch, and more have been putting on large-scaled in-person events. This has had people hyped for the future.
The most extensive Fortnite in-person tournament, however, occurred in Raleigh, North Carolina in November 2022. This was the FNCS Invitational.
The Invitational was the first event held by Fortnite since the World Cup. The top duos in the world all gathered together to compete for the title of the best Fortnite players.
With a $1,000,000 prize pool on the line, fans were able to see some of the highest Fortnite competitive gameplay known to date.

Chapter 4 is almost here: 2023 to bring exciting features for Fortnite

While all good things may come to an end, that does not mean that the future will not be bright. 2022 brought some amazing moments for the Fortnite community. With Chapter 4 kicking off 2023, players are more than excited to drop onto a new map.
Whether you are a casual player or a competitor, Fortnite Chapter 4 is almost ready for you to explore.
Bryson Maddock
Bryson Maddock
Editor | Twitter @unamusedbryson
Bryson Maddock is an avid esports enthusiast and writer who has developed a strong connection with the world of esports. Outside of writing, Bryson also is a professional esports caster and developed twitch streamer.