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Playing against bots in Fortnite: A guide on getting better


Looking to get better at Fortnite? Here is a guide on how to train against bots.

Fortnite itself is one of the most popular battle royales to date, and easily one of the most popular video games of all time. Admit it, we have all played it, even if you liked it or not. For those that are new to the game, you may be finding it tough to compete against some of the highest skilled players. So why not warm up on Fortnite bots?
The skill gap is definitely higher than quite a few other games, especially with mechanics such as building taking their part within Fortnite. One may ask, how exactly can I find a way to get better at the game? The answer is simple; bots.
Here is our guide on how to play against bots in Fortnite.

Getting better takes time. Here is how you can train against bots in Fortnite

Playing against bots, or in larger terms, artificial intelligence is something almost all competitive video games have to offer. This is an easy way for a player to train by themselves without having to show their skill to an actual player.
Are you a Fortnite player trying to work on your building, edits, and aim? Here is how you can play against bots in the game to practice your skills.
First off, you will need to go to creative. Once in creative, there will be loads of maps under training that will feature bots for you to play against.
These maps cycle throughout the weeks, so some maps you have played before might not be there.
If you have a specific map in mind, you can always go to create within the main menu, and then click on 'Island Code'. From there you will want to type in the code and then press play.
This will take you directly to the map instead of putting you in the creative playground lobby.
Here are some examples of popular maps with Fortnite bots to train against.
  • Aim training with moving bots (2339-6579-3941)
  • Bot battle (9353-9814-8681)
  • 100 bots practice (9100-1816-1528)
A simple google search will also reveal thousands of other maps creators have made for you to use. Do remember, that these Fortnite bots can shoot back, but they do not build.
If you want the most realistic experience for your training, it is best that you load up into a game and face real players.
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