Popular Fortnite Analyst, Miniminer, shared his thoughts going into the 2023 FNCS Global Championship in an exclusive interview.

Fortnite's official 2023 FNCS Global Championship has begun in Copenhagen, Denmark. Fans from all around the world have flown out to watch these players compete against one another. The best of the best are here, and everyone is strapped to the edge of their seats waiting to see what duo comes out as number one.

But the event isn't just focused on the players. In fact, Fortnite has put together quite the round of analysts and casters to help carry forth the action. Miniminer, a recurring analyst within the world of FNCS, is among this wide variety of talent working this weekend.

Becoming a Fortnite analyst: Miniminer shares his journey on becoming a Professional Esports Analyst

Miniminer, who has been creating content within the esports and gaming scene since he was a young teenager, has had his eyes set on the esports broadcast world for quite some time.

"I did a lot of presenting outside of esports," said Miniminer in an exclusive interview. "I originally made my own gaming content outside of production work, which made me set my sights on esports."

Miniminer, who has a degree in Television Production, has always found himself longing to be in front of a camera.

Image via X.
Image via X.

"I always wanted to get into the T.V. presenting world. My degree was a great way to get into that. I had access to actual studios, where other groups also needed presenters. That was sort of my start; helping out others as their face in front of the camera."

But at the time, esports hadn't necessarily made its breakout into the world, especially Fortnite.

"It was 2018 at the time. Esports was not as popular," said Miniminer. "It was just starting to grow."

Gaming though, had always held a place within Miniminer's heart.

"I've always been a gamer. It was all the way back when I was 13 or 14 and I had thought: 'Why don't I make some content around this?'"

In this sense, Miniminer had felt making content around gaming was a better way to utilize his time effectively with one of his favorite hobbies.

Image via @magicallifewem on X.
Image via @magicallifewem on X.

"I was just uploading Minecraft videos at the time, with the occasional FIFA videos. I just started with content. It all snowballed from there."

From releasing his own gaming videos on his YouTube channel, to performing as an official Fortnite Analyst on the 2023 Global Championship stage, Miniminer has traveled quite the journey to get to where he is now.

What traveling for Fortnite means to Miniminer

Fortnite has only hosted three major tournament events, counting this weekend's Global Championship. Out of those three, Miniminer has been on the official analyst desk for two of them.

"The fact that I am literally traveling the world for a video game is amazing," said Miniminer. "I have been playing Fortnite since 2018. That first moment that I decided I'd start getting into the game literally marked the beginning of my career."

For Miniminer, what started as a fun hobby, has drastically changed the trajectory of his life, and for the better.

"Just thinking back to that moment when I said, 'I'll start playing Fortnite,' to now... is quite amazing."

Image via @magicallifewem on X.
Image via @magicallifewem on X.

Miniminer's involvement within the Fortnite and esports community is no short feat of amazing. The evolution of his career is a direct representation of the fact that hard work can make any dream come true.

"And that is what is so awesome about gaming and esports. You can find a career in the space with so many different skill sets. There is a spot for everyone."

The evolution of Fortnite: Where the game is today

Since the game's release in 2017, Fortnite has obviously seen quite the set of changes. With an everchanging loot pool and competitive meta, Miniminer shared just exactly what he was looking out for in this weekend's competition.

"Something Fortnite's done over the last year that's really stood out to me is the addition of the red-dot weapons," said Miniminer. "Recently, the game has added the Twin-Mag Assault Rifle, which is one of the most accurate and powerful weapons in the game."

The lack of bloom is a big factor as to what makes these red-dot weapons so favorable amongst Fortnite players.

"The accuracy of the Twin-Mag is really cool. Seeing players utilize it this weekend will be incredibly exciting."

Image via Fortnite.
Image via Fortnite.

But the weapons are not the only aspect Miniminer is excited to watch this weekend. The different tools for movement this season also has the analyst on the edge of his seat.

"We also have the Rocket Ram this season," said Miniminer. "I really like the way they've balanced that item out. The Rocket Ram along with the new style of Crash Pads has created a really unique set of movement."

With Roaming Redeploy also playing a big role within this season's movement loot pool, many people are curious to see just how players utilize the items and mechanics they have been given.

Miniminer speaks on what item he'd love to see come back to the game

Everyone has a favorite item within Fortnite. The game has shuffled through so many classic weapons while also frequently introducing various new guns. But just which item would Miniminer love to see return to the game?

"If we are talking in a competitive sense, I'd love to see the Bound Pads return," said Miniminer. "They, for me, were the most balanced when it came to movement. They were high-risk and high-reward. You had to be strategic with how you placed them."

Aside from competitive, Miniminer also had thoughts of what weapon he'd like to return from a casual standpoint.

"The Shockwave Hammer was really fun. I loved that from a casual standpoint."

Miniminer, who has been playing Fortnite since the game's early days, has led a journey within the Battle Royale's scene that has not only inspired others but has also helped pave a road for those looking to create a career within the world of esports.

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