The Kinetic Blade is one of Fortnite’s newest weapons. Here is were you can find the katana and how to use it.

Fortnite is notorious for adding fun and innovative weapons to add to your inventory. Chapter 4, Season 2 is no different as Fortnite adds a new Katana weapon called the "Kinetic Blade".

Here is everything you need to know about the Kinetic Blade; where to find it, how to use it and more.

What is the Kinetic Blade? Fortnite's new Katana weapon gives players increased mobility and strength

Being a close-range combat weapon, the new Fortnite katana deals hefty blows to those who dare cross it. When using the Kinetic Blade, players will receive a quick dash which can also be used for mobility.

Fortnite Kinetic Blade attack via Polygon
Fortnite Kinetic Blade attack via Polygon

The item currently has two attack moves:

  • Knockback Slash
  • Dash Attack

Both attacks do precisely what their names say. The Knockback Slash knocks players back whereas the Dash Attack dashes the user forward with a swift cut.

Users who utilize the new Katana weapon will become a difficult target to defeat, so prepare yourself before going into battle.

Where to find the Kinetic Blade

Players will be happy to hear that you can find the Kinetic Blade just about anywhere on the island. The new item is a part of floor loot, chest loot, vaults and more.

Small stands are also placed around the map that hold the katana. Make sure to keep your eyes peeled.

Fortnite Kinetic Blade stand via GameSpot
Fortnite Kinetic Blade stand via GameSpot

Want to find the Kinetic Blade without having to search the island for it? The solution is simple. All you have to do is defeat a player who is currently wielding the katana.

The new weapon should create an interesting scene within the casual and competitive Fortnite scene. As the season moves forward, we should expect to see innovative and creative new ways that the sword is used.

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