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Fortnite adds double movement for keyboard & mouse players

The wait is over! Epic Games announced that Fortnite will include a double movement option for keyboard and mouse players in the next update!

A significant change is coming to Fortnite Battle Royale. Epic Games confirmed in a recent tweet that Fortnite would add a double movement option for keyboard and mouse players. As a result, this means players will no longer require a specialized keyboard or third-party software to move diagonally. 

This update is otherworldly, especially considering the upcoming FNCS Invitational 2022. Epic has clarified that third-party software and specialized equipment are not allowed at LAN events. Beginning in the next update, that will no longer be a concern. 

Diagonal/double movement option coming to Fortnite

The Fortnite Status Twitter account brought good news to players of all different skill levels:

“We're adding a new setting in our next game update! Players on mouse and keyboard will have the ability to alter their character's diagonal movement. With this setting, you can alter your diagonal movement up to the angle of movement that is achievable by default on controller.”

Fortnite Status tweet

Epic Games infamously removed the double movement option from Fortnite many seasons ago. Then, players had to scramble to achieve the same movement. Two things have been evident for controller players; aim assist is strong, and controller movement is infinitely better. Despite Fortnite’s Save The World mode granting diagonal motion to keyboard and mouse players, this was not the case for Battle Royale. 

The unfortunate development prompted even the best players to utilize the Keys2X software or a Wooting keyboard for more efficient movement. Those days are soon to be in the past. Moreover, players and streamers took to Twitter with their appreciation for the double movement option in Fortnite

Players react to the return of controller movement

Fortnite content creator and recent Icon Series addition — Ali ”SypherPK” Hassan — responded to the news. 

“Very nice. No more need for third party software to achieve this kind of movement. Huge W.”

SypherPK on double movement feature

Most keyboard and mouse players shared a similar sentiment regarding Fortnite's double movement update. Meanwhile, those on controller requested long-awaited settings, including a one-button reset on edits. 

FNCS winner Mero perhaps jokingly wrote, “Controller useless now.” Regardless, life and LAN events should now be less stressful for keyboard and mouse players. The double movement option will be available in the next Fortnite update.

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