Fortnite adds 6 new Reality Augments in recent update cover image

Fortnite adds 6 new Reality Augments in recent update

Fortnite’s new update has brought a few new spicy Reality Augments to the island.

A new update is here, and Fortnite has decided to load the patch up with six new Reality Augments. These Augments bring a whole new addition to the game, making players have to rethink some of their game strategies when playing, whether it's Builds or Zero Builds.

Here are the six new Reality Augments and their functions.

6 new Reality Augments have joined Fortnite: What they are and what they do

The six new Reality Augments give a new playstyle to the game, some even give players mobility, which is currently lacking in the game.

New Fortnite Reality Augments and their functions:

Shrub Mud: You become covered in mud when in big bushes, leaf piles and tall grasses.

Heavy Headshots: Weapons using heavy ammo have increased headshot damage.

Heavy Ammo Acquired: Instantly gain heavy ammo and gain additional heavy ammo when opening containers.

Thermal Mud: You gain thermal vision while covered in mud.

Splash Party: Receive Slap Splashes.

Roaming Redeploy: Gain Glider Redeploy whenever you gain immunity to fall damage, such as exiting Vines, Rails, Ziplines or using Hop Plants.

Roaming Redeploy changes the game quite a bit for various players, as it adds that small bit of mobility for players. The catch is you have to be jumping off objects such as the Vines and Rails.

What Reality Augments do you want to see in Fortnite?

The Reality Augments have given a unique twist to the Battle Royale during Chapter 4, and the best part is... there are still so many possibilities of new Augments we could see. The perks could LITERALLY end up being anything.

So the question is... what Reality Augment do you wish to see implemented into Fortnite? Something to do with mobility? Or do you have an idea that is totally out of left field?

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