Fortnite Invitational is only a few weeks away, but just who is competing? cover image

Fortnite Invitational is only a few weeks away, but just who is competing?

The top players in the world will be competing in Fortnite’s invitational next month. Here is a list of some of the competitors participating.

With only a few weeks left before Fortnite's official invitational takes place, people are left wondering just who will be participating in this tournament. With some of the top players in the world attending, this tournament will be one for the ages.

A million dollars are on the line and each duo is going to have to set themselves up in every possible way they can for success if they want to prove their region is on top.

Here are some of the top competitors to expect at the invitational.

Top Europe players to attend the Fortnite invitational

Being the top region in Fortnite, Europe has given us some of the best players within the scene. With 22 duos attending from the European region, fans should expect quite a show.

Duos such as Veno and Queasy, Tayson and Chapix, and MrSavage and IDrops participating mean other players should be preparing to fight the best of the best.

Veno champion
Veno champion

No duo is safe with these players on the map. This tournament is setting up to go down in history within the esports world.

NA East's Clix and Bugha ready to fight at Raleigh

Some of the biggest names in the world will be at the invitational. Quite a few of those names are from the NA East region. There will be more than just FNCS winners participating, but World Cup winners, and more will be dropping out of the battle bus.

Bugha world cup via NYTimes
Bugha world cup via NYTimes

Names like Bugha, Clix, Avery, and more are currently on the list of attendees planning on competing in November's invitational.

Who else is attending? Everyone!

More interested in who's attending from all the other regions? NA West, Brazil, Asia, Middle East, and Oceania will also be competing in the event. With players such as Reet and Epikwhale from NA West and KBR and Xeat from Brazil competing, there should be no lack of action.

Fortnite Invitational dates
Fortnite Invitational dates

Looking to see a full list of all the players competing? Visit the link here to view every name.

Grab yourself tickets to the Fortnite Invitational being held in Raleigh, North Carolina on November 12 and 13 by purchasing tickets here or watch online at