Epic Games has officially found its new Chief Creative Officer.

Recently, Donald Mustard, the chief creative officer at Epic Games announced his official retirement. Many fans were curious about who would fill the man's shoes. With so many popular games under Epic Games, such as Fortnite, people have been hoping for a good fit to take the role. Today, Epic Games announced that the former creative director of Riot Games, Charlie Wen, will now be the chief creative officer at Epic Games.

Wen has hit quite a few heavy milestones within his career, and various fans and creators are very excited about this new change.

Donald Mustard's legacy at Epic Games to be continued by Charlie Wen

Mustard arguably has helped create some of the most iconic video games in history. Epic Games ownership of some of the biggest titles such as Fortnite and Rocket League has been directly influenced by this man.

Now, with him stepping away, it is time for Wen to continue Mustard's legacy.

Wen has led generations with some of his work, and a lot of people may not even realize it.

Charlie Wen's achievements:

  • Creative consultant & director at Riot Games.
  • Designed Kratos for Sony.
  • Director of visual development at Sony Entertainment.
  • Co-founder/head of visual development at Marvel.

Wen worked on movies such as Thor, The Avengers, Captain America and more. His creative influence has impacted more lives than people may realize.

Wen also designed Kratos for God of War. A legendary character as such has already gone down in history.

Fortnite fans excited to witness Charlie Wen's influence

One community that is extremely excited about the future of Epic Games is the Fortnite community. Creators, players, fans and more are sitting tight and hoping that the future of the Battle Royale ends up being bright.

Wen, who has done so much in character design and more, will be a great addition to the Fortnite realm, and will possibly make the game even better than it ever has been. The future is bright!

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