Faze announced their newest member: Stable Ronaldo cover image

Faze announced their newest member: Stable Ronaldo

The 19-year-old professional gamer and content creator, Stable Ronaldo, has officially announced he is signing with Faze.

With the world of esports and gaming taking over, a familiar face has decided to step up on the pedestal and let the light shine on him. Stable Ronaldo, the former Fortnite professional player, has officially announced that he is signing with Faze.

Being a former Fortnite Champion Series winner, Ronaldo has been gaining some traction for quite a while now. The internet celebrity is well versed and well known within the gaming world. His large personality and exciting gameplay have created quite a bit of talk around himself.

Watch Faze's official announcement on their signing with Ronaldo in the video below.

NRG to Faze: Ronaldo is laying out his legacy

Ronaldo has spent the last few years as an NRG member. NRG, being one of the largest organizations within the gaming world, also houses members such as Clix and AussieAntics. Ronaldo, now having been in two of the largest gaming organizations at the young age of 19 is nothing short of making history.

The young gamer, entertainer, and entrepreneur has his sights set high. Ronaldo always puts his focus on creating the best content possible for his viewers. Ronaldo's new connections with the Faze members will help take his content into places people would have never imagined.

About Faze and their impact on the gaming world

Starting in 2010, Faze Clan was one of the first gaming organizations to really take a hold in the esports world. The organization was notorious for signing Call of Duty trickshot content creators, which eventually lead them to get into the professional gaming world too.

With divisions in 10 different games, the organization holds heavy ground when it comes to their place in gaming. With members like Rug, Replays, Mongraal, and more, Faze continues to shape the esports and gaming realm, making each member better than they were before.

To find out more about Faze, visit their website.