Six-time Fortnite Champion EpikWhale leaves NRG, joins TSM cover image

Six-time Fortnite Champion EpikWhale leaves NRG, joins TSM

What’s next for NRG?

It was a quick turnaround for Fortnite superstar Shane "EpikWhale" Cotton following his unexpected departure from esports organization NRG. One day after announcing this news, EpikWhale suddenly signed with TSM Fortnite — another tier-one esports organization. He brings one of the most enviable careers in Fortnite history from one recognizable team to another.

While it's the end of an era, EpikWhale joins fellow NA West FNCS Champions Nathan "Reet" Amundson and Snacky on what is a talented roster fit for a six-time Fortnite Champion Series (FNCS) Champion.

EpikWhale leaves NRG after three years

After joining NRG ahead of the 2019 Fortnite World Cup, an event where EpikWhale finished third and took home $1.2 million, he remained under the esports brand's banner for three years. Subsequently, he parlayed that opportunity into one of the most successful Fortnite careers. Under NRG, EpikWhale took third at the Fortnite World Cup, won six FNCS titles, earned multiple Cash Cup victories and became an outstanding LAN player. 

The decision to allow EpikWhale to leave might be an indication that NRG is re-tooling its roster. Earlier, the organization allowed NA East player Ben "Edgey" Peterson to leave after a three-year stint. As a result, the NRG Fortnite roster currently includes three active players; Clix, Deyy and Bucke.

EpikWhale wasted no time after departing from NRG, announcing the following day that he agreed to terms with TSM Fortnite.

A quick turnaround: EpikWhale signs with TSM FTX

Today, EpikWhale revealed his decision to become the newest member of TSM's Fortnite team. This movement signifies the start of a new chapter for undoubtedly one of Fortnite's best players of the last three years.

He joins fellow competitive players Reet, Snacky and Josh "Commandment" Roach—all players currently atop their respective regions. However, EpikWhale is in a league of his own, considering his accomplishments over the last few years. He'll look to bring home another FNCS title under TSM FTX—that's almost a foregone conclusion based on his career thus far. We can certainly expect EpikWhale to compete at the upcoming $1 million FNCS Invitational on LAN in November.

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