The National College Athletic Association (NCAA) has announced a partnership with Epic Games for an athlete-focused NIL campaign.

More than 70 individuals involved in the NCAA will use their name, likeness and image (NIL) to promote Epic Games’ Fortnite: Battle Royale’s new Zero Build mode across various social media outlets.

After a significant rule change in July 2021, the NCAA began allowing athletes to capitalize on their social media following. As a result, this decision paved the way for an Epic Games collaboration with the NCAA for its first NIL campaign.

NCAA stars take to Twitter with Fortnite Zero Build promotion

Fortnite Zero Build

Bryce Young — the starting Quarterback for the Alabama Crimson Tide — is one of 70 athletes referenced in an official announcement. The 20-year-old helped the Crimson Tide secure a College Football National Championship in 2020 over the Georgia Bulldogs.

In 2021, Young collected the Heisman Trophy—the award handed to the most outstanding college athlete each year. Beyond football, the talented Quarterback possesses 55,000 Twitter followers and 202,000 Instagram followers.

Bryce Young on Twitter

He took to Twitter and Instagram yesterday with his first Fortnite Zero Build promotion under the NIL campaign. The video depicts Young playing the popular game mode.

Furthermore, additional NCAA athletes such as Sedona Prince, Haley Jones, Shedeur Sanders, Armando Bacot and others have also begun shouting out Fortnite Zero Build alongside the imperative #EpicPartner, signifying their partnership with Epic Games.

What’s next for the Epic Games NCAA NIL partnership?


NCAA athletes are finally starting to benefit from their name, likeness and image. However, It’s unclear whether the deal is a one-time Fortnite promotion or if there’s more to it. An extended relationship could depend on how many NCAA fans flock to try out Fortnite Zero Build.

Regardless, the collaboration makes sense, considering the average age of the players and their followers. With Fortnite Chapter 3 Season 3 due to arrive soon, we could see more NCAA NIL campaigns with Epic Games to promote the newest experience. 

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