WOTE held its final tournament for the year, giving players a chance at a $150,000 prize pool. Read below how the tournament played out.

2023 is just around the corner, and to celebrate, eFuse put on their largest WOTE (Women of the eRena) Fortnite tournament yet. With $150,000 USD on the line, the top female competitors sought to walk home with that first place ($24,000).

These girls turned up the competition, giving fans an exciting story to watch. Here is a recap of the $150,000 WOTE Winter Fortnite tournament.

The battle bus is ready! It's time for the top women Fortnite competitors to battle it out WOTE's epic showdown

Starting the tournament, every girl involved was preparing for a unique tournament format. The games were split into a two-game-mode system. The tournament was a total of six matches.

The first three matches were played as Zero Build games, and the final three matches were played as regular Battle Royale games. This gave the players a chance to shine in both modes.

With some players specializing in Zero Build and other Battle Royale, it made for quite an interesting tournament.

So many big names were on the leaderboard. With teams like players like Maddynf, Chica and more competing, we knew we were in for a solid tournament.

The competition was heating up in the WOTE's $150,000 Fortnite Tournament

Every aspect of the tournament kept fans and players engaged. With players intending to frag out by any means possible, every game ended up being a nail-biting match.

With teams led by players like Loserfruit, it was only a matter of time before we saw some high-elimination games.

In fact, Loserfruit's team had 17 eliminations and the victory royale in the first game of the day.

These girls only had a few weeks to practice, making sure they knew their drop spots to an exact science. Their gameplay was incredible in each game.

The crowned champions are here! There could only be one winning team, but everyone fought hard

In the end, every trio that took part in the tournament played their best and should be proud no matter what place they ended up in.

With that being said, only one team could walk out in first place, with the massive prize of $24,000 USD.

This impressive feat was completed by Sommerset, Sparkles, and Vanessuh. These three competitors gave it their all and ended up taking home an impressive first place.

Hopefully, future tournaments bring positivity and fun competitive spirit as this one did

With such a successful year of WOTE tournaments, we can only wonder what eFuse has up their sleeves for 2023. Their focus on so many different corners in the esports industry such as WOTE, collegiate and more only leaves us excited for what is to come.

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