DreamHack to not host Fortnite LANs in 2024 cover image

DreamHack to not host Fortnite LANs in 2024

Fortnite LANs may be a thing of the past for DreamHack events…

It is a sad day when you learn that one of the biggest LAN festivals in the world will not be hosting Fortnite events in 2024. DreamHack, the popular gaming and cosplayer convention, has been a staple within the Fortnite community due to its large-scale Fortnite LAN events.

Sadly, it seems as if 2024 is the beginning of a new era, as the company announced via its website, that Fortnite will no longer be included as a LAN event.

Fortnite LANs to no longer be a part of DreamHack

Sadly, in-person Fortnite events may be a thing of the past for DreamHack tournaments. With multiple tournaments over the last few years, including thousands in prizing, DreamHack has been a leading force within the Fortnite community.

So why are Fortnite DreamHack LAN events all of a sudden coming to an end? Well, there could be a few factors.

First off, in 2023, DreamHack Fortnite events were the qualifiers that led up to the Gamers 8 event in Saudi Arabia. Now, we are seeing a change in this summer event, as Gamers 8 is transitioning to Fortnite Creative.

There simply is just no need for in-person qualifiers anymore, which could be a large reason why DreamHack has decided to cut Fortnite events.

But still, the company has also had its own prize pools in the past... why aren't they doing that?

Well, the announcement that Fortnite was being removed from DreamHack was technically only for DreamHack Summer, which is only one event. Whether or not there could be a smaller tournament at a different DreamHack in 2024 is unknown.

It also comes to question some of the cheating and fighting that has happened in the past at DreamHack Fortnite events. The company may have just decided that the players are a liability, considering all the drama that has gone down in the past.

Hopefully, we see at least one Fortnite LAN event this year before Globals.

What is a LAN event?

LAN (Local Area Network) is an in-person tournament, where everyone connects to a private server. While Fortnite events are not technically a LAN event (they do not connect to a private server), people still refer to them as one, simply due to the culture.

To refer to them correctly, a Fortnite event should simply just be considered an in-person tournament.

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