DreamHack has officially announced its next few Fortnite events. Read more here.

The first DreamHack of the year is almost here, and with that, the company has announced an additional $500,000 in prizes for future Fortnite events. The series starts in San Diego and ends all the way across the world in Sweden.

Here is everything you need to know about the DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite $750,000 series.

DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite to host $250,000 prize pools for each event

The large $750,000 prize pool will take place over three designated events. Each event will be open to anyone who would like to compete. Purchase your tickets at DreamHack's website.

DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite event dates and locations:

  • DreamHack San Diego (April 7-9)
  • DreamHack Dallas (June 2-4)
  • DreamHack Summer (June 16-19)

DreamHack Summer is currently set to take place in Jönköping, Sweden.

DreamHack Fortnite 2022 will see the best players in action. Image Credit: DreamHack.
DreamHack Fortnite 2022 will see the best players in action. Image Credit: DreamHack.

Each event will feature a $250,000 Fortnite Zero Build tournament, with the winner of each cup taking home $30,000.

That is no small chunk of change.

The event does not end in Sweden though. DreamHack officially announced their affiliation with the $2 million Gamers8 Fortnite event happening in Saudi Arabia this summer.

DreamHack teams up with Gamers8; giving players a chance to qualify for the $2,000,000 Fortnite tournament in Saudi Arabia

Post Gamers8 Fortnite announcement, DreamHack announces that the top 10 teams from each DreamHack Fortnite event will qualify straight to the $2 million tournament being held in Saudi Arabia during July 6-9.

The event will have 50 teams participating, meaning 30 of those teams will be coming straight from DreamHack.

“We had an incredible experience hosting the DreamHack Open Featuring Fortnite both online and in-person events in the past," said Brian Krämer, Sr. Director of Game Ecosystems. "Thus, we are very excited to announce another year of Fortnite events for our community, especially now that the focus is on Zero Build and teams have a chance to qualify for a massive Gamers8 event."

With the popularity of Zero Build taking over, these large events are making the game mode extremely prominent within the Fortnite scene.

“To strengthen our connection and involvement in the Fortnite competitive ecosystem is a tremendous opportunity and one that fits perfectly with DreamHack’s focus on bringing the gaming community to life.” 

The future of Fortnite tournaments is bright, as more large events continue to be announced.

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