The popular streamers test their skills on Gold and Fortnite

The 2022 Travelers Championship teamed up today with Twitch streamers BrookeAB and fuslie. The two streamers held a five-hour charity stream, raising money for the "Hole in the Wall Gang Camp".

The two started their streams with a $25,000 USD goal in mind. Although they did not hit their initial goal during the stream, the two still raised an impressive amount.

During the five hours, BrookeAB and fuslie raised a whopping $21,813. People still wanting to donate can do so here.

2022 Travelers Championship sets the bar high with their charity stream

Throwing on an exciting stream, both BrookeAB and fuslie not only raised an immense amount of money but also gave viewers an incredibly entertaining experience.

The two started the stream out playing the PGA Tour 2k21. The girls showed off their golf skills, attempting to score as many hole-in-ones as possible.

BrookeAB with the shot of the day

After running a few rounds of golf, BrookeAB and fuslie switched to the popular game, Fortnite. The two teamed up with other streamers, including people such as Myth, to drop off the battle-bus with.

The vibes were high, as the streamers enjoyed the sporadic and highly entertaining moments. Being a viewer was quite fun as well, being able to be a part of each and every good moment.

fuslie sings "in the end"

Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and their mission

"Hole in the Wall Gang Camp" Logo
"Hole in the Wall Gang Camp" Logo

Dedicating their time to helping kids with serious illnesses, Hole in the Wall Gang Camp makes sure that each and every one of them has an amazing experience.

The camp holds fun summer camp activities available to those who may not be able to experience it due to their illnesses. The camp is free-of-charge for all families looking to experience this wonderful camp.

To learn more about the Hole in the Wall Gang Camp and its mission, click here.

The 2022 Travelers Championship aims its goals at community charity, with Hole in the Wall being its 2022 target.