Avenged Sevenfold has teased a new collaboration with Fortnite as they become the latest musicians to take the battle royale plunge!

In a recent social post, Avenged Sevenfold teased an upcoming collaboration with Fortnite. The North American heavy metallers posted a video to their Twitter on Nov. 25, teasing a potential collaboration.

No details were given, and the post simply read “...soon,” but from past collaborations with musicians, we can expect skins, emotes, and perhaps an in-game concert. Earlier this month, Eminem was revealed to be joining the game as a skin, after earlier being featured on the game’s in-game radio station ICON Radio.

Avenged Sevenfold are not the first iconic heavy metallers to appear in Fortnite. Metallica also graced the airwaves of ICON Radio in December 2022, alongside a “Master of Puppets” emote - part of the Stranger Things collaboration.

But they will be the first to appear as skins if the tease for something more expansive than a concert. Heavy metal artists have increasingly seen themselves as willing to enter the gaming world recently. Apart from Metallica’s cameo in Fortnite, Megadeath appeared in World of Tanks and World of Warships for WARGAMING’s Metal Fest in August. And Iron Maiden, ever willing to turn their mascot, Eddie, into marketable plushies, released a mobile game Iron Maiden: Legacy of the Beast, in 2016, and is apparently still going strong.

The Heavy Metal subculture is one of the largest in music and has a fiercely loyal fan base that often craves authenticity over shameless selling out. However, as sensitivity to overly-corporate shows of merchandising has become less acute in recent years, Heavy Metal has become more of a commodity, and something as perhaps crazy as an A7X x Fortnite collab is far less unbelievable. We’ll expect Avenged Sevenfold to take The Stage, and Seize The Day to take A Little Piece of Heaven in Fortnite soon.

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