“For whatever reason, @Reisshub was not chosen to be a part of the broadcast but there’s no way we’re having this LAN without him.”

With the FNCS invitational on the horizon, many wondered how the famous streamer Aussie Antics would handle the event. Aussie has been hosting his own broadcasts for previous FNCS events for the last two years.

Fans could only hope the streamer and content creator would be planning something of his own for the invitational.

As of today, we have answers. Aussie Antics will be putting on a large production for the FNCS invitational. Except for this time, he will not be alone.

2 are always better than one! Aussie Antics to bring on Reisshub for the event

With today's blog post from Epic, it was revealed all of the talent that would be participating in the FNCS invitational. This included the casters, the hosts, and more. Among those who were able to announce their addition to the event, were a few who announced they had been cut.

One of these casters was Reisshub. Reisshub has been casting for the Fortnite Champion Series for over a year now. This is his first event in a while in which he was not chosen for.

Aussie Antics was not willing to accept that.

Aussie, who has put on large-scale broadcasts for every big event, announced today that he was planning on making the FNCS his largest broadcast ever. Alongside him will be Reisshub.

"For whatever reason, @Reisshub was not chosen to be a part of the broadcast but there's no way we're having this LAN without him," said Aussie in his most recent tweet.

Aussie Antics had been released from the Fortnite broadcast over a year ago. His sympathy with Reisshub has not gone unnoticed.

An exceptional broadcast incoming?

With the event being only a month away, we should expect a well-crafted production from the two casters. With both being able to provide valued insight into the players and the game, this show should go down in history within the Fortnite scene.

The broadcast will be available for free on Aussie Antic's Twitch. Make sure you check it out!