Here’s every Fortnite team that will compete in Saudi Arabia later this summer.

Time is ticking ahead of the upcoming Esports World Cup (EWC) competition. Later this summer, Riyadh, Saudi Arabia, will host a $60M competition across multiple top esports titles. One such title is Fortnite, but rather than a traditional Battle Royale or Zero Build setup, the EWC utilizes custom-built maps and game modes. Many esports organizations have fielded teams of four hoping to qualify and compete for the $1M prize pool. This article outlines all qualified Fortnite teams for the Esports World Cup.

All qualified Fortnite teams for the Esports World Cup

Thus far on the road to the EWC, six Fortnite teams have secured their spot at the tournament. The organizations fielding those squads include Agent, Falcons, BIG, Karmine Corp, FNATIC, and Heroic. These teams qualified by finishing inside the top six at DreamHack Dallas 2024.

Player 1
Player 2
Player 3
Player 4
Karmine CorpEUMalibucaMerstachVenoSwizzY
Gaimin GladiatorsEUHowlyNeFriziS1nedVanyak3kk
Team RanduzzrLATAMRanduItrolLewaRomero
Team Frostykz7LATAMFrostyPhzinSeeyunKurtz
BEST TEAMMEAdapterFHDHeroMansour
ZETA DIVISIONAsiaMinipiyoZagouKoyotaYuma

Ten more Fortnite teams have a chance to follow suit through various regional online Esports World Cup Qualifiers. The top squads in these region-based online events will earn the right to compete at the EWC this summer.

Here is a look at the upcoming EWC Qualifier schedule and how many teams will qualify through each:

July 5-7 (10 spots remaining)

  • Europe (2 teams qualify)
  • North America (2 teams qualify)
  • LATAM (2 teams qualify)
  • MENA (2 teams qualify)
  • APJ (1 team qualifies)
  • Oceania (1 team qualifies)

Only six more Qualifiers stand between the world's best ESL Fortnite teams and the $1M Esports World Cup. Check back with this article over the coming weeks to see which other teams will join those listed above.

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