What characters are in Street Fighter 6? Everything we know so far cover image

What characters are in Street Fighter 6? Everything we know so far

Want to know which characters and fighters will be making a return in Street Fighter 6? Here’s everything we know so far.

A new age of Street Fighter is on the horizon. As such, the characters in the game is a hotly anticipated issue. While we don't have a ton of information on the full roster just yet, we do have a breakdown for the currently revealed characters.

We will be updating this article as more characters are revealed, rumored, leaked, or otherwise announced. Be sure to bookmark this page and check back often!

Join us in a full breakdown of the characters joining the cast of Street Fighter 6, their history, their appearance in SF6, and some commentary on each.

Fighters in the cast of Street Fighter 6


Ryu is the granddaddy of all Street Fighter characters, and since some time seems to have past in the Street Fighter timeline (finally) it looks like he's living up to that title at long last. Not only is he built like an absolute unit following his training with Oro at the end of Street Fighter 3, but he's ready to square up with Luke in the trailer.

The old vs new seems to be a definitive theme for Street Fighter 6. Ryu has been in every Street Fighter game since the game's debut in arcades all the way back in 1987. While details on his moveset are not yet available for Street Fighter 6, in every edition of the game Ryu has had a fireball (Hadoken), an uppercut (Shoryuken), and a hurricane kick (Tatsumaki Senpyukakku.) It's expected that these moves will make a return.

Much like Street Fighter 3, Ryu is shown fighting the new focus character in its introduction with Luke. In SF3, he had a friendly rivalry with Alex, the character that was meant to be main character starting from that point.

Ryu is a wandering warrior, ever looking to both improve and suppress the Satsui no Hado, or killing intent, that's been apart of him since the end of Street Fighter. He gave Sagat the famous scar on his chest when that power awoke in him, and he has also been the object of Akuma's eye since his debut in Street Fighter 2, and especially in the Alpha series. He trained with Ken Masters under the supervision of Gouken, who hasn't appeared in the games as a playable character since Street Fighter 4. These characters are all likely to make a return. Much like Son Goku from Dragonball Z, many of the cast share a connection with Ryu, and have been changed (for better or worse) in his interactions with him.


Luke embodies the next generation of Street Fighter characters. When he was introduced in Street Fighter V, it was meant to be a preview of the future of Street Fighter. He's clearly lived up to that moniker already in Street Fighter 6, debuting alongside Ryu in the game's debut trailer.

His moves in Street Fighter V revolved around powering up his forearms for ranged combination attacks, as well as a few uppercut moves of his own. He's a US army character much like Guile and has even trained under the character for a time.

It will be interesting to see how Luke has evolved since his debut in Street Fighter V, especially since a significant amount of time seems to have passed based on the debut trailer.

And that's all of the characters currently announced for the cast of Street Fighter 6. Capcom has promised more details on the game coming in Summer of 2022, so please check back early and often to stay in the know.

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