Warner Bros. MultiVersus will featured at EVO 2022 cover image

Warner Bros. MultiVersus will featured at EVO 2022

Warner Bros MultiVersus makes a huge announcement of a teams tournament at Evo! The new fighter makes its debut on the biggest stage in the FGC.

Today, the MultiVersus Twitter account revealed that they would be holding a tournament at this years EVO. The EVO schedule certainly felt as though it was lacking in platform fighters with the announcement that Smash Bros. not be making an appearance in their nine main stage games. The people at Warner Bros. Entertainment have us covered with the announcement of their 2v2 team tournament. The Twitter post stated that the top 32 teams will be eligible for prizes, with a total of a $100,000 prize pool.

The game has a focus on 2v2 team combat, and they are showing that with this event. The focus on 2v2 can be seen in the Pros Vs Devs video. Characters like Wonder Woman can buff their teammates and even save them when off stage. Although very little has been announced for the event, it is likely to be streamed.

MultiVersus at EVO

MultiVersus is a new platform fighter being made by Warner Bros. Entertainment. The game is going to be free to play and cross platform, meaning that anyone can pick up and play the game. MultiVersus features characters from Warner Bros. deep vault of properties. Characters like Superman, Steven Universe, and Shaggy can duke it out in a fast paced multiplayer battles. MultiVersus is slated to have its first major appearance at Evo 2022.

The game has a heavy influence from the Smash Bros. series. Characters have multiple options in the air, and "die" when they are launched past the boundaries of the screen. Rather than having a lives system the way that Smash Bros. does, MultiVersus instead counts the number of knock outs before a team wins. You can see the game in action on the MultiVersus YouTube channel. Today the channel uploaded a video of two of the devs playing against Smash Bros. pros, VoiD and Nakat.

How to Practice?

The game is still not officially released, but that doesn't mean that players can't practice for the tournament at Evo. Players can sign up for a closed Alpha, with a new testing phase starting on May 19th. You can sign up for the next wave of the closed alpha at https://multiversus.com/en . The devs said that they are making new characters, skins, and stages that will be rolled out with regular updates. With features like crossplay, free to play, and good netcode, the game is looking to be a titan in the platform fighter esports space.

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