The FGC had some choice words about SF6’s 37 second reveal trailer.

Capcom has officially revealed Street Fighter 6 at the end of the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Finals exhibition series. This is the first release of a numbered Street Fighter game since the launch of Street Fighter V in 2016. Many eyes were glued to the screen watching the Capcom Pro Tour 2021 Finals exhibition to learn what the reveal for the Capcom countdown would be. After the announcement of the Capcom Fighting Collection, fans were teased with this trailer.

The roughly 40 second long trailer didn't show much aside from the confirmation of Ryu and Luke. Many members of the FGC had things to say on their Twitters.

Many people were memeing the announcement, with Majin Obama pointing out how this is one of the few times the entire FGC came together.

The Memers

The Hopefuls

Other members of the FGC showed a positive outlook on the coming game, though they wanted some characters to be confirmed.

The Salt

Although some people were understandably, a little disappointed by it all. The 40 second trailer without any game play left many feeling underwhelmed. The week-long countdown that Capcom teased left people wanting more.

Ultimately, there seems to be a lot more positive feedback than negative feedback coming from the announcement of Street Fighter 6. This new game in the series looks to be Capcom's main focus for the next years to come. Both Street Fighter 4 and Street Fighter V were Capcom's competitive main stays for roughly six to seven years each. If Capcom follows their own pattern, Street Fighter 6 will be Capcom's main focus until about 2030. You can learn more about the upcoming game here.

For more info on the Capcom fighting game announcements, check out our article on Street Fighter 6's announcement! We'll be sure to keep you updated on all the upcoming Street Fighter 6 news here at