Will the Battle for the Grid League return for another season?

The Power Rangers: Battle For The Grid League Finale ended the game's inaugural esports season back in September. Since then, players have wondered if the league will be coming back for another year, and if so when. Steve Kuroki, VP of Creative for nWay, recently spoke to Esports.GG about the game's future, and the BFTG League is still on the table. 

BFTG League Finale Recap

The first season of Battle for the Grid League took place primarily online thanks to the COVID-19 pandemic. The game made the schedule for events like Vanguard Online in August 2020 and Frosty Faustings XIII Online in January 2021. Points still accrued based on results and leaderboards still updated on the official site. The season culminated in the online Finale in September, where the top 8 did battle.

The Grand Finals of the Finale saw AJ "SkillzDatKillz" Asa narrowly avoid a bracket reset, defeating overall points leader Sergio "Chimera" Galvan 3-2 to take the championship. Asa qualified for the Finale by winning the Last Chance Qualifier in July 2021. 

The BFTG League logo.
The BFTG League logo.

Season 2 When?

When asked about the BFTG League's future prospects, Kuroki said community involvement is still a major focus for the team. "We’re constantly exploring ways to get the community more involved," he said, "which is partly how the Battle for the Grid League emerged." The team was also very impressed with the level of competition shown during the league's first year, both in community response and overall skill level. 

As for when the league is coming back, Kuroki wouldn't give us specifics. "While we can’t say for sure yet whether there will be a continuation. It’s always top of mind for us to find ways to unleash the most insane combos possible," he said. Still, the studio "regularly" has conversations about the first season.

"We’re grateful for the feedback loop we have between our design and the community involvement through initiatives like the Battle for the Grid League," he explained. "We hope to continue that in the future."

For more on Battle for the Grid, here's our full interview with Steve Kuroki where he talks about esports, Season 4, and more.

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