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Power Rangers Battle For The Grid: nWay Shares New Rita Repulsa Details

Rita Repulsa is on her way to Battle for the Grid, and developer nWay has some details on how she’ll fight.

Fans of Power Rangers: Battle for the Grid are getting a huge wish granted in Season 4, as Rita Repulsa makes her playable debut. In an interview with Esports.gg, nWay VP of Creative Steve Kuroki shared more details on how Rita will fight against the Rangers.

Rita Repulsa Is On Her Way

When asked how Rita will fight when she enters the grid, Kuroki told us she won't be getting too physical. "[Rita's] an ancient master sorceress who spies on Earth from a tower on the moon," Kuroki explained. "It wouldn't really be fitting for her to mix it up too much with physical strikes."

Instead, Rita's attack strategy will focus on two types of offense: magic and minions. "She uses her magic to lash out all over the screen," he continued. "Of course she has an endless supply of disposable Putty thralls to hurl at pesky Rangers."

Rita's in-game character model.
Rita's in-game character model.

The Repulsa Effect

We also asked Kuroki what makes Rita such a popular character with the fans, which he attributes to history. She has been around longer than any other villain, so she's bound to have a legion of fans.

"Rita's beef with the Rangers and Zordon goes back longer than anyone else," Kuroki recalls. "She's not a monster of the week; she sends the monster of the week."

Kuroki is ready for Rita to get into the hands of fans, making us feel like December can't come soon enough. "Our excitement level is through the roof," he says. "Seeing her come to life with animation and VFX has consistently been the highlight of the week. We can’t wait for players to get a chance to work her magic in the grid."

For more on Power Rangers, check out our full conversation with Steve Kuroki here. Rita Repulsa will join Power Rangers: Battle of the Grid in December 2021.