Another big organization has entered fighting games esports.

Ninja in Pyjamas (NiP) have announced that three new players have joined their organization. They are well known in the community as top-level competitors within their games. For NiP, fighting games esports is a new area, where the organization is going to continue its mission — “spread esports and connect fans across the world.”

NiP in fighting esports

NiP sponsors these three fighting games players:

  • Arman "Phenom" Hanjani — Street Fighter. The player is from Norway. Phenom won quite a few Capcom Pro Tour (CPT) regional events in 2023, and his team finished 3rd at Street Fighter League World Championship 2023.
  • Vegard "Veggey" Bugge — Street Fighter. Veggey is also from Norway, and he was in one Street Fighter 6 team with Phenom during Street Fighter League World Championship 2023. Veggey got an impressive number of Top 8 placements at CPT events.
  • Bilal "Bilal" Ilyas — Tekken. Bilal is from one of the strongest Tekken countries in the world — Pakistan. He got some top placements at international events, and recently, Bilal has been participating in many local tournaments.

The collaboration with NiP is an opportunity for the players to travel and compete more at big tournaments such as Evo Japan 2024. For the organization, it's a clever step into the new territory of fighting games esports, as the players have decent potential, and they should reach amazing heights with good support from NiP.

A bit earlier, Team Vitality signed Jeondding, who is a Tekken 8 player from South Korea. It feels like an amazing new era for the fighting games community (FGC). What organization will join the party next? What fighter will they choose? Stick around on to find out!

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